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Completely at the mercy of Austin s fiercest drug lord and from what I new that title was earned deep in the trenches of brutality and death What does he want Nothing comes without strings attached Nothing I loved the dynamic between these two The book is written in dual POV so we get to see exactly what they re both going through and I loved the complexity of these characters Their backgrounds are well developed and the growth that they show throughout the story is realistic intriguing and really well done I love Miri s strength and tenacity and I adored the slow reveal of the Boss as Jag the man behind the fearsome exterior The constrasts existing within him were explored really well God I wanted to wrap her in my arms until her pain went away But I wasn t comfort I wasn t peace I was hate and violence and war Despite their differences and their complicated situation the chemistry between Miri and Jag is fantastic Their attraction to each other is evident from the very start and when they act on those feelings damn The sexy time is hot passionate and so so intense But it was also so much Jesus Miri You re so goddamn fucking sexy Everything about you drives me crazy You think you re ruined It s you who s going to ruin me You make me feel safe I want to be with you I want to be yours Then you re mine But it s a dangerous world they are living in and the two sides of Jag s life are wonderfully blended to create a love story with a dark and gritty feel His protectiveness over Miri and the emotion she evokes in him is gorgeous but we also see the brutality and control that he demonstrates in all things the ruthlessness with which he deals with those who wrong him and the violence that is an everyday part of his life It adds a complexity to his character that I absolutely loved and I find him absolutely fascinating But his enemies are closing in and Boss is facing a threat like never beforeI really enjoyed this book It s fast paced and exciting with a great mix of danger violence sex romance and suspense It all builds to a climactic cliffhanger which is predictable but still exciting and I can t wait to get my hands on the next instalment Jagger 4 stars Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review 35 starsJunkie feels like a gray romance to me Not exactly dark but isn t fluffy either I m not sure what His Temporary Cinderella kind of reader will appreciate this story As a dark romance lover I think the author is playing too safe the plot isn t edgy enough If I were to switch myself into a contemporary romance lover I think the hero is too much of a menacing ass to be swoon over Miri is the junkie who stumble upon the drug lord the Boss I didn t get tonow much about her background or why she got hooked with heroine beside the basic stuff I wish we can delved deeper into her story Boss is the drug lord of Austin He seems to be uite an enigma with his ambiguous background and his anonymous status I spent half the book not even The Middle Ages (The Story of the World knowing his real name When he caught Miri lurking in his property he decided toeep her or imprisoned her depends on your view He seems like a dangerous and deadly Booties And The Beast kingpin to me in the beginning but the presence of Miri is definitely making him soft I m not sure whether is a good or a bad thing I like both the hero and the heroine as an individual There is something about the close off and OCD drug lord that you want to uncover his true nature I want to see him lose his cool My favorite part of the story is seeing how he is being so protective of Miri and seems to genuinely care for her well being As for Miri I want to see her clean and love her life They have this delicious sexual tension going on that got me hooked But it just seems to drag on a tad too long until the sexual tension turned into sexual frustration The hot and cold way they treat each other drives me crazy And even after all the mushy stuff they said to each other their relationship is so fragile that a little hiccup can drive them apart Inow we don t accept our men getting physical with women I don t accept women getting physical with men either unless the circumstances warrant it In this case not only Miri get physical with the Boss once but twice I felt a little bothered by thatAnyway with the cliffhanger that took place at the end I m anxious to see what will happen to Miri I hope in the next book they will stop this back and forth stuff and show me something solid and strong Jagger is the drug lord of Austin People call him Boss Man He is a man to be feared and nobody fucks with him EverTherefore when a strung out female junkie manages to get past his security team and ends up on his front lawn his reaction to her surprises not just his staff but himself On the ground my nees skinned my body battered my mind and skin suirming as if they were crawling with bugs I covered my face with my filthy hands and sobbed How did this become my life It s very confronting for him to see the impact of the drugs he has sold on this young woman In fact it brings back some memories he would rather forget However there is something about this girl that is pulling at him on a much deeper level Maybe he can seek some redemption for himself if he helps herMiri was desperate to get her fix when she made the drastic decision to show up the drug lord s home All she needs is a little bit of H and she will be on her way Boss Man has a different plan for her and this man who so many people fear is slowly showing her a different side to him He lowered his head and his breath ghosted across my neck I shuddered and a whimper escaped my throat the result of a horrifying combination of lust and fear This was an intense exciting read for me A really uniue plot the story moves at a fast pace and then there is a big giant cliff hanger I cannot wait to read Jagge. Twice to put a bullet in my headBut like I said I'll do anything to get my next fix Even if it costs me my lifeOr changes it forever.

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ONLINE Junkie Broken Doll #1 Ì Heather C. Leigh – dedelicate.com

5 StarsHoly Smokes Just wow After reading this book I went totally speechless then had a wicked book hangover Heather C Leigh is an amazing author and she took big risks with this book Everything I didn t expect it to be yet hoping it would be Junkie took me on a thrilling ride that had me on the edge of my seat and left me with chillsJunkie was brilliant mad intense passionate dirty raw gritty and powerful This book is one that is going to rock your world and you ll feel all the way down to your core Junkie is not for the faint of heart It is not flowers glitter and roses This book was toxic and brutal yet I couldn t help but be addicted to the pages as I read this bookFrom the gripping beginning to that iller ending this book took me to levels that I never Navigating Japan's Business Culture: A Practical Guide to Succeeding in the Japanese Market knew I had Heather C Leigh has a brilliant mind and this is definitely her best book to date I cannot wait to get my greedy hands on Jagger to satisfy this craving for the dark yet beautiful duet Get ready for an explosive journey that will hit you hardI highly recommend this bookReview Post ARCindly provided in exchange for an honest review Title JunkieAuthor Heather C LeighCategory Romance MafiaSeries or Standalone Part of a series Book 1POV DualPlot 4Characters 4Scorching Level 4HEA Not telling I was very excited to read this book Miri is a drug addict desperate for her next fix Abandonned by her good for nothing boyfriend who only uses her and uses drugs to manipulate her she dares to step foot in Austin s most feared drug lord s houseBoss is a man to be feared His seedy business is profitable and he Pilgrim Snail knows how to handle his operation He values his time and his privacy so he never expected to have to deal with a junkie who sneaked into his house to score some HShe is filthy and frail he is powerful and dangerous Miri is a problem Boss Man must deal with but what happens when a junkie falls for her drug dealer Read to find outI enjoyed the book The storyline flowed smoothly and the characters were interesting The book will be completed in two parts so naturally be prepared for a cliffhangerThe plot twist towards the end fell a little flat for me mostly because I found it a bit cliche but other than that I loved the bookI cannot wait for the next book4 Stars She was mine My property My fiery temptress My broken doll Miriam Murphy aka Miri has been living with her sort of but not really boyfriend Mason During the last six months Mason got her hooked on heroin providing her with limitless doses as a way toeep her indebted to him The heroin An Unsafe Haven kept me a prisoner and Mason used me for sex on his whim whenever and however he wanted Did I really come to Mason s boss s house to beg for a hit of H The house of the most feared and ruthless drug lord in Austin One who threatened my life than once then locked me up like a criminal with the Boss being the judge jury and if he so desired my executioner Yes Yes I did Boss Man aka Boss a ruthless drug lord who became the Boss at a very young age after taking out the previous drug lord He is merciless and rules without conscience expecting his commands to be followed up without uestion and immediately Not doing so is punishable by death Yet when this dumb shit girl managed to get past my highly trained very well paid guards Boss decides to take care of her It was almost as if she were sent here as penance for my past failures to take care of my mom and sister Boss is a temperamental man with OCD tendencies all stemming from his past He believes their will be no salvation for him but it looks as is somewhere deep inside he does have a heart He set out to helping Miri to a drug free live far from his violent world an thus giving her a second chance slowly weaning Miri off heroin without hernowledge giving her smaller and smaller doses each day Until Fuck she s stunning Now that Miri was completely off the poisonous drugs and had gained some much needed weight I finally saw the woman she was meant to beThe two of them embark on a sexual relationship much to the dismay of Boss s lieutenant Milo This book is a uick and easy read with a bit of darkness and ends with a cliffy Part of a serie that must be read in order The Erogenous Zone Book of the Month Nov 2016 I ll admit as a native Texan this first caught my attention because it s set in Austin and I m always curious how we re perceived First I ve never heard an Austinite say howdy unless they were being sarcastic but I ll let that slide because all the geography references were right I was also skeptical because I can t picture Austin having a huge heroin market as described weed yes but heroin Nah BUT since I don t now much about the drug scene I could be wrong Now on to the storyThis is not at all what I expected It had such potential for my dark loving heart a heroin addict that would do anything for her next fix wandering on to a drug lord s property only for her to become his property He s described as ruthless terrifying a man not to be f ed with exceptHe s notWho Boss is a man who gives countless second chances He s a man who lets his subordinates disrespect him time and time again all while saying he really should do something about that insubordination Constant threats zero action He s a man who tells a woman who hitssmacks him That was your one mistake Make another and you won t live to see tomorrow And then he lets her smack him not once but two times without reprisal He s a man who is obsessed with his appearance and cleanliness to the point of annoyance I get that he has OCD He loves his suits and hates when they get dirty but boy is this point driven home Did I mention he loves his suits Because it s mentioned in the book 40 times But despite all this Miri was afraid Of him She should be of course He was a very dangerous man who had done very terrible things Sorry buddy just saying it do. I'm a heroin addict A junkie A whore I'll do anything to get my next fixAnythingIncluding walking right onto the property of Austin's.

Esn t make it soNow for Mirigood gravy she was a petulant annoying mess She got angry and lashed out over the stupidest things never taking into consideration the danger she was in by popping off to the biggest baddest drug lord in the city Then again he didn t turn out to be all that bad so maybe that s why Still she didn t now that at the time and it annoyed me to no end This man took you in instead of Caught in His Gilded World killing you cleaned you up and you get mad because he treats you like a nothing junkie whore Umm newsflash you are a junkie whore AND theicker to all this was that he only said mean words to make her feel this way He never once took advantage of her took her against her will etc This is all hurt feelings Bleh I can t even tell if it s inconsistencies in the writing or if it s just Miri s airhead character at times ie describing Boss as protecting her threatening his employees likely having one The Viscount The Virgin killed for attempting to rape me when earlier she said I watched himill the guy right on his drivewayAs I mentioned Boss never takes Miri against her will For over half the book he fights the battle of I m no good for her but there s just something about her until he just can t take it any while she vacillates between being angry over him ignoring her and being so hot for his bod that she just can t refuse those piercing blue eyesHis ability to intimidate as a drug lord was a joke his Alpha ness as man was non existent and his overall dominance was lacking Miri was such a flat character that the only thing I learned about her in the whole book was that she had a crap childhood misses her friend Cat and can work on motorcycles Boss only Fantastic Stories of the Imagination February 2015 knows the last two yet he manages to fall irrevocably in love with herThis ends on a cliffhanger and despite my OCD which rivals the MMC s in severity I have no desire to continue onAnd sidenote The phrase is I couldn t care less not I could care less This probably shows up 20 or times But despite that the writingediting was well done so I m adding a star because I respect that so much A wild ride of addiction and angst Junkie gave me that violence I crave the build up I need and the grit I loveMiri a drug addicted lost soul looking for her next hit finds herself in the clutches of a ruthless drug lord She d do anything for her next hit Without fear of impending repercussions she may face Boss the head of drug operations in TX A violent leader A tragic past A way to redeem himself God I wanted to wrap her up in my arms until her pain went away But I wasn t comfort I wasn t peace I was hate and violence and war I appreciated their connection it wasn t lust or even love at first sight It was a dangerous game of give and take I loved the build up that slow release of longing itept me on the edge of my seat I was devouring every page begging for that final moment of closeness Opposing magnets drawn together no matter how hard they tried to stay apart I wanted her than I d wanted anything in my life and I wasn t used to denying myself The story is a bit dark Drug use murder and all the grit you can imagine from drug dealers I crave violence in my books this one had a good amount of it add in the fireworks of the two main characters and I couldn t stop reading Boss was brutal BUT there was that little bit of light shining through I love the anti heroes to stay true to their character and Boss did Miri slowly unravels the man beneath the monster While the monster slowly unravels the woman beneath the junkie Baring your dirtiest darkest secrets was always difficult than baring your skin If you like dark romance this one is for you The darkness is within the story not the passion that brings everything together I d totally recommend to romance readers although the story is dark the romance was on the lighter side to all the madness The majority of my reading is dark you should probably take that in to consideration 35 stars So the premise I loved The controlling crime Bossdrug lord falls for the fucked up junkie works in a lot of ways but there was something about the writing that was off It was crazy repetitive drove me nuts and I found myself skimming around 70% I actually loved the last 15% of this than the rest and I m even curious how it all plays out I liked this one Miri the Boss were characters that grew to me and I enjoyed their chemistry and their scenes together My objection was how the Boss seemed a softie for a drug lord but slowly I understood the deal with him I m hanging from a cliff after that ending and now I definitely need to read the continuation 4 dark and gritty starsThis is a dark and twisted story with a surprising amount of heart With an unlikely romance that is full of passion and intensity set in the dangerous world of drug trafficking where violence danger and murder are an everyday part of life this book captivated me from the very beginning and I loved itAustin s drug underworld is ruled by the ruthless man nown only as Boss He illed his predecessor to get where he is and he rules an unstable ingdom fighting every day to retain his place in the delicate hierarchy of the world he inhabits Miri is a strung out heroin addict and we meet her when she is in the beginnings of withdrawal Desperate for her next fix she rocks up to the Boss compound looking for her drug dealing boyfriend or in fact anybody who can give her what she craves Known as a cold and emotionless iller Boss surprises himself and his men by bringing the pathetic girl into his home He feels somewhat responsible for her condition and wanting to make amends for mistakes in his past he feels the need to take care of her Miri proves that she despite her condition she is a strong feisty woman and it sparks an interest in the Boss that he hasn t experienced before So he decides to Wellness, Not Weight keep her I was trapped in a bizarre luxurious prison. Most ruthless and feared drug lord to beg for some H I don'tnow his name only that people call him Boss Oh and that he won't think.


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