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House it looks just like in the photo album She wants to buy the painting but it s privately owned And the owner of both the house and the painting is out of town She then goes to see the house and peaks in trough the itchen window She sees that there are breakfast dishes left on the table so somebody obviously has been there recently As she realizes this someone speaks behind her It s the mechanic He tells her that the house has a caretaker but that he isn t home right now But she can meet him at the dance that s being held that evening Zanna says that she won t be staying that long to witch the H replies that she will since her car won t be fixed until tomorrow He leaves her to book a room at the local pub That evening she goes down to dinner only to discover that the H organized for them to eat together as an apology for being so rude to her he says She introduces herself as Susan er Smith With a sardonic smile he says his name is Jakeer BrownThey end up going to the dance together and Jake says that he ll introduce her to the caretakerAfter the dance he takes her to the house and it turns out that he is the caretaker One thing lead to another and they end up making love She has never had a boyfriend since her father disproved of all the boys she brought home and when she got older all her time was spent studying and then working all to pleas her father She panics and runs away the next morning A month later she discovers she is pregnant At the same time she gets an invite to a gallery opening from a company called Lantrell When her father finds out about the pregnancy he calls her a slut and says that she either gets an abortion or she will lose her job car and flat She choses the baby After visiting an employment agency she spots the Lantrell gallery and realizes she forgot about it in all the baby drama and goes in As she is looking at a painting she hears a familiar voice addressing her It s Jake He s name is Jake Lantrell and he s the owner of the Lantrell chain of galleries Turns out he has been looking for her He says he wants to be her friend and that they have things to discuss But she thinks that he just wants to continue their affair and rejects his advances He comes to her flat after that but after arguments he leaves Zanna gets a phone cal from the employment agency about a job I France working for a woman as a secretaryWhen she arrives in France it is Jake who meets her at the airport he s the one who organized the job Zanna is furious and wants to take the next plan home But Jake convinces her to stay at least to the next day The job is for his stepmother Another shock is waiting for her at the house Jakes stepmother turns out to be Zannas own mother She didn t die she just left her cold husband At first Zanna is angry that her mother left her without looking back But after her and her mother talk for a long time she gets to understand her mothers reasons and finds out just how cruel her father is But since she is pregnant she feels she can t stay and risk Jake finding out So she invents a job in Australia Jake is resentful of her hurting her mother by rejecting the mothers offer of a home and a job After they nearly make love to witch Zanna puts a stop to since her doctor told her it could be dangerous to the baby Jake tells her he will eep away as long as she is there if it means that she stays to work for her mother So he goes away He comes back for Zannas and her mothers reunion party But he isn t alone A girl named Cindy is with him and is very clingy This is torturer for ZannaThen she finds out that her father has had a heart attack And she goes to England and Jake goes with her Her father has already past away when they get there Jake stays wit her through the ordeal But just before the funeral Zanna asks him to leave since she now feels she can coup plus it s torturer having him so close all the timeAfter the funeral the snooty secretary remember her sneaks in to the house and starts hurling abuse at the h about how she s a slut and a whore for carrying a bastard child Enter the H who hasn t left after all He has herd what the cray cray woman has said and says that he s Zannas fianc e and the baby daddy And then promptly trows the abusive woman outJake explains that he loves her and has loved her from the start Cindy was a friend that helped him make the h jealous He isn t angry about the baby They declare their love and HEAI would call this book is an insta love light The H is clearly besotted by the rude h right from the start I also would have liked to see her father get some sort of punishment well he did die but stillIf you are wondering about why he worked as a mechanic it was because he loaned the garage from a friend to work on his classic cars Oh and Church house belonged to the H s father that s why he was living there I m not really sure what I think of this one I guess I m neutral Had some uniue elements to the plot as well as some reasonably standard older h trope. D to forget her momentary indiscretionIt wasn't easy Jake wanted than a one night stand He was determined to show Zanna that there was something missing from her life him.

Sara Craven õ 5 Summary

Read book One Reckless Night By Sara Craven –

The plot had potential Nice element of surprise in the storyline Heroine was a bit too self sacrificing I thoughtThat 2 line review was written in 2015 5 years later I didn t remember the title of this book and its thanks to RomLibrary help that I got the book s name This is what I had written while reuesting for help And in brackets is the update after re reading the Once wasn t enoughZanna Westcott was a successful businesswoman with a track record for ruthless takeovers and always putting business before pleasureJake Lantrell was pleasuresheer unadulterated pleasure Zanna s attraction to him scared her Jake represented everything in life she had tried to avoid love emotion sex And so after one reckless night of passion Zanna had determined to forget her momentary indiscretionIt wasn t so easy Jake wanted than a one night stand He was determined to show Zanna that there was something missing from her life him less Good emotion I liked the hero but I wish the hero heroine had a little interaction before the end it was a little dull in the middle I still found it a satisfying read He was uite sweet but because he was soo besotted I forgived him Lol Gahhhhhhhhhhh This book started off decently strong then by the middle I was almost snoring because it bored the ever living snot out of me and by the end I was pretty close to regretting reading it Not something I d EVER read again very different from what i usually read form sara craven the basic plot is good but the story lacked intensity and poignant emotions zanna came off as a cold socialite while jake tried to give an impression of besotted fool which failed miserably he seemed like a caring sibling Re One Reckless Night Sara Craven s fiftieth book is a whacktastic dramafest of epic angst proportionsThe h in this is one opens the story while she is in the midst of a hostile takeover deal for her Captain of Industry father She doesn t particularly enjoy her job as a corporate raider but her cold distant icesnot blob of a father won t accept anything lessThe h whose mum died when she was a baby desperately wants her father s approval and is slowly coming to realize she is never going to get it When her father s sewer gulping secretary refuses to put her call through the h decides to take the weekend off and winds up at a house that her mother used to paint before she diedHer car breaks down along the way and the mechanic that she finds is pretty rude and snarky Unfortunately the mechanic also happens to be the caretaker for the h s mother s old house and after some manipulations on his part and verbal snark between the two of them the H and h wind up having a purple passion unicorn grooming license banishing eventThe h is mortified and horrfied and does the flee of shame all the way back to London the next day A month later the h is preggers cause this is HPlandia and it is a rule so she has a uandary Which becomes an even bigger uandary when her tyrannical father calls her a harlot tart and tells her she either terminates the pregnancy or she will be out on her hiney with nothingAt this point abandon all hint of reality cause SC goes all Whacktastic HPlandic after thisThe h decides she wants her baby and she tells her father to go jump She has to move into a grotty flat give up her company car and she signs up for an employment agency Never mind that she was her father s top executive and deal maker and all of his competition would be falling over themselves to headhunt her SC can t have an actual job interfering with what she has planned next and plus SC still disapproves of working mums a bit at this pointSo the h now that she is in her grotty flat decides to accept an art gallery invitation cause that is what every one does in a time of emotional tribulation and guess who the owner is Yep our mechanic caretaking and now seekrit international gallery owner HThe h isn t too happy to see him and he is very insistent that they talk The h isn t interested in another one night mistake and so she blows him off The H stalks her to her new grotty flat and the h still rebuffs himThen she gets a phone call from the employment agency for a job on the coast of France The h accepts and gets a plane and guess who is waiting at the other end The H of course and it seems there is one tiny lie he needs to confess he is her step brotherThe h is in shock because her mother is NOT dead as her father said Instead the mother left the h s father and divorced him also leaving the h behind in a clearly abusive situation The h isn t exactly delighted with the mother and when she learns the H had a good idear of who she was and slept with her anyway the h becomes decidedly less so I must confess I found the mother to be as disgustingly manipulative as the h s father was The whole story took on a subtle gothic undertone as the h s artist mother wailed and moaned about how she was manipulated into marriage by her mother and the h s father when her true love died then the moth. Once wasn't enoughZanna Westcott was a successful businesswoman witha track record for ruthless takeovers and always putting business before pleasureJake Lantrell was ple.

Er was threatened into not fighting for custody of the h and how the h s father stiffled her as an artistConsidering the woman did get a divorce and that English law was heavily biased in favor the mothers having infant custody at the time it is a fairly safe bet that the h s mother hated having a child to hold her down and left to do her own thing Then the woman latched on to the H s very wealthy father all the while playing on people s sympathies by painting these mystical yearning paintings of the child she was supposedly forced to leave behind never mind that the h was well into her twenties and the mother new where she was the whole time Now it seems the narcissist mother wants another ego panderer to manipulate in her life and the h seems to be the perfect accessorySo essentially the h got it right the first time when she complained that her mother s art was important to her than the h s well being This makes the H unreasonably furious and he berates the h pretty badly but the H doesn t have a lot of credibility left at this point cause he has lied about everything Of course the h is so desperate for any ind of paternal bond that she eventually swallows the mother s BS story and we can get on with bringing on the H s OW There is one almost lurve club event which the h halts cause of her pregnancy The h then decides that her mother is nice and all but she has a child to protect and she needs to get out on her own The H bullies her into staying and he decides he will leave Then we learn about his girlfriend when the h s mother admits that she believes the H and his girlfriend will be marryingThe h is horribly jealous and it doesn t get any better when the H and the OW show up for the h s welcome to the family party The OW hangs all over the H and he gets mad when the h pretty much ignores him and avoids him Then the h s father dies and the H decides she has to go back to London to see him By the time the h gets there the father is already dead having been asking for the h s mother in the hour before his death and the h can only wonder what that was all aboutThe h is now wealthy and gets all of her father s legacy but his sewer swilling deranged secretary shows up at the house after the father s funeral and the woman goes off about the h being a pregger trampy tart The H was conveniently hiding in the itchen during this rant So he throws the deranged secretary out swears the OW was just a ruse to make the h jealous and he insists the OW be her bridesmaid then he declares his love and declares they will marry and the h is too stunned to object for the HEA This book started out well but the end just went off the rails The whole mother situation was too creepy for words mainly because the mother never coming to find the h once she was of age doesn t make sense The woman had a rich and powerful husband to protect her and the H was just a little TOO een to jump to the mother s defense Then there the was the whole seduction of the h situation when the H almost certainly KNEW who the h really was and also lied about who HE was It was just weird But the drama and the angst were pretty entertaining and I liked the h I wasn t a fan of the rest of the cast but I hold out hope that a few good nights of rest and a large inheritance will have the h renouncing her newly discovered creepy family and send her off to Australia or New Zealand for a real HPlandia HEA Robyn Donald could have a field day with this Well This book gives me mixed feelings Fiction too much of it Things that were probably never ever expected H is a mechanic in a garage then he turns out to be millionaire then he also turns out to be h s step brother Heck I did enjoy the initial part of the story it was exciting mysterious but then I thnk after that one reckless night things change I didn t particularly like those changes Definitely not what I expected from Sara Crazen The h is 25 year old Zanna Westcott When the book starts she has just entered her hotel room after a meeting where she s taken over a company She works for her father and tries to contact him to tell him the good news But she gets his snooty secretary instead since her father s in a meeting Because she s pissed off by the secretary she decides to stay at the hotel for the weekend She realizes that she is near her mothers place of birth Her mother died when Zanna was just a baby and her father never talks about her When Zanna was eleven and at boarding school she gets a photo album from her mothers nanny I think and now she always carries the album with her Zanna always wanted to go and see Church house where her mother grew up so she decides to go there Just as she enters the village the car stops Luckily she is near a garage There she encounters a rude scruffy looking mechanic she is rude first tho he s our Hero After some bickering he goes to look at the car The h walks in to the village to look around She goes in to an art exhibition and there she finds a painting of Church. Asuresheer unadulterated pleasure Zanna'a attraction to him scared her Jake represented everything in life she ahd tried to avoid love emotion sex And Zanna had determine.

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon England just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Middlemarch by George Eliot Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehous

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