BOOKS EBOOKS Dark City by Stephen Pryde–Jarman –

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Cult it can be getting two severed heads through customs at the port Like the waves that lap the fringes of this waterfront city past and present flow back and forth in these tales of haunting and horror dragging ghosts and their tragedies in their wake.

Available post free in the UK from the publisher's website wwwlifeisamazingcouk Join 18 masters of the macabre the strange and the bizarre as they journey into a dark and richly reimagined Portsmouth that you will never forget Here you can meet a man wh.

O finds himself transforming into the Tricorn Centre Discover the mysterious pulse that beats beneath the pavement of this living city that craves blood and sacrifice Witness damnation in a hellish vision of Victorian Portsmouth and learn just how diffi.

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BOOKS EBOOKS Dark City by Stephen Pryde–Jarman –

Stephen Pryde Jarman has been a Cult TV and Film journalist award winning short story writer playwright and screenwriter A natural hoarder second hand shopping fulfils his basic human need for hunter gathering; but rummaging through a charity shop’s bric a brac shelf also brought him the inspiration for his novel Rubble Girl having seen a picture of a Blitz survivor sat amongst the rubble of