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Cowboy her father has hired They live on the untamed Florida scrub in a time when cattle grazing might soon be replaced by orange groves Though they both claim to have no interest in each other something might change their minds I hadn t heard of the Florida scrubs and the uniue tale of cattle on the peninsula Well written and enjoyable Linney lives at home and helps her dad with the farm With her mom gone and a new hand on the ranch Linney starts to wonder if the chooses she has set in her head are the right was when her heart uestions everything Cy is heading towards home when his cousin gives him a heads up about a ob When Cy keeps a secret close to his heart it seems he is forced to come face to face with his fears Will they both be able to over come their fearsI have never read anything by this author so I wasn t sure what to expect This book was short but packed an amazing story Its placed during probably 1800 or early 1900s but there wasn t that historical feel to it which was nice I loved all the active characters in this book I loved the names and the back and forth and I loved how Linney was an independent women but also was not afraid to seek help when needed I loved her love for animals and how the characters enjoyed talking to them which allowed the personalities to shine out and make for a fun element in the story I loved how this was a super clean read and I think the only downside or upside depends how you look at it was in the end I wanted from these characters I wanted to know and see played out but it ended perfectl. Stmas they find themselves fighting together to save the life of a calf all while discovering the One who can remove fears and provide forgivenes.

Poultice There is an attack of wolves and they made it safely Linney is afraid of having children as her mother died after she was born Cy is falling for Linney but he has guilt because he went to a meeting and his wife died in their house fire They help to birth a cow Linney realized past is past as does Cy Please give this story a chance It is only 6 chapters You won t regret it I volunteered to read and review this book This lovely tale of historical Florida scrub is a wonderful holiday read I didn t know anything about cattle ranching in Florida and enjoyed learning about what it was like to settle and live in Florida during the days of whip cracking cattle drovers called Crackers The rancher s daughter Linney lived her life in fear of losing loved ones especially when the loss leaves a gap for those left to mourn as in the case of her own mother Although she s a good assistant to the herd of Florida cattle she vows to never get attached to something or someone who might disappear from her life Pa s new cattleman Cy comes with emotional baggage Still healing from his own devastating losses he is leery and wary around the attractive boss s daughter When he learns what she needs most is faith and forgiveness from the One who never lets us down they forge a relationship that might turn into something This is a new Author to me and I know I will be looking for of her books I enjoyed reading this one it was well written and made me want to keep turning pages until the last page had been read A young woman finds herself drawn to the new. Eciates the chance to start over Marrying holds no interest for either but they can’t help but be drawn to each other And then ust before Chri.

Raising cattle on a farm in the Florida scrub isn t easy but it makes for an interesting setting Cy is a new hire on the farm where Linney helps her father in birthing calves and feeding the other men Fear and regret keep Linney and Cy apart Linney s mother died when she was born Linney doesn t want to marry for she believes she would die as her mother did Cy lost his wife in a fire and regrets not being there when she needed him These two characters do their best to bottle up their feelings for each other despite their close proximity This gentle sweet romance is ust the thing for a winter s evening Run With the Wind was recently named Best Book in Inspirational Romance in the NABE Pinnacle Achievement Awards for Winter 2020 Enjoy Linney and Cyrus find a future in this well written romance about cattle raising in Florida and the hardships of everyday life made sweeter by finding your heart s mate Settle in to read about the history of the sunshine state not often toldEbook from netgalley and publishers with thanks Opinions are entirely my own I found this book from last year I thought it sounded good so I gave it a chance I am glad I did as I have found Judy I found it was set in the Civil War era and near where I live now Kissimmee St Cloud was a major cattle business The Boss Linney s dad is getting to drive their cattle to send to Cuba back when they could Linney is cook and washer All goes good until there is a big storm and Linney was bounced off the wagon and her arm was damaged Cy their new hand can do everything and used Linney Merritt loves her life in the Florida scrub where she assists her Pa in raising and taking cattle to market The new cowman Cyrus John appr.

Read online Run With the Wind AUTHOR Judy DuCharme –

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