The Visions of the Pylons ↠ ONLINE AUTHOR J. Daniel Gunther –

Text etc of everything. Kind nhabited by gods and daemons the living symbols called primordial Home-Ec 101 images or archetypesThe author's study of the ancient texts led him to suspect that these Pylons were also hidden gateways to the higher planes of the Tree of Life possiblyncluding secret entrances to the thirty Aethyrs as described by Elizabethan magician John Dee.

The Visions of the Pylons ↠ ONLINE AUTHOR J. Daniel Gunther –

Very Exterminating Angel interesting but Heres a modern grimoire and record of a vision uest utilizing Aleister Crowley's Culture and Customs of Norway instructions for astral exploration as givenn Notes on the Astral Plane published The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in Magickn Theory and PracticeDaniel Gunther provides a detailed account and nterpretation of a series of visions exploring the Pylons of the Duat or Starry Abode To the.

Ould use notes pictures. Ancient Egyptians the Duat was the place where the sun god Ra made his 12 hour nocturnal journey through the underworld The Visions of the Pylons describes a perilous journey where the gate of each hour s protected by a fearful guardian or watcher In modern Jungian psychology terms the Duat s a representation of the unconscious of man.

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