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Nexpected twists and turns right up to the last pages In this book it is the writing Here is an example of what I mean The one thing I finally figured out says Erika is that you ll never ever understand what goes on between two people when they re in a relationship Easier to see what s happening on the ark side of the moon I swore I was absolutely not going to read any books about white middle aged male academics in romantic entanglements with much younger women and Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, despite having read several that I liked a lot I m currently kind ofown on books about white middle aged males going somewhat or completely off the rails with the assistance of large uantities of alcoholWinslow in Love isn t exactly either of those things but it s also not exactly neither of those things But the recommendation for Canty came from such a trusted source that I Pages From Bee Journal d or lessetermined to read all his fiction before I started and Winslow in Love his third novel seemed like as good a place to start as any and it Stones of Witness doesn t at all shake my intention to read Rocketing through Richard Winslow s moodswings as he barrels highways in his slightly improbable but thoroughly propos Lincoln Town Car is a littleizzying precisely as I m certain it s meant to be Precise is a good word for the novel as a whole incisive My Indian Kitchen dialogue even incisive interior monologues and vivid but never over written But it s also reckless like Winslow himself with jarring narrative elisions and some sharpeviations from the forms it feints at playing with the academic turf warinfidelity novel the man Lots of Mommies drinks self toeath book etcThe nouement oesn t entirely sit easily with me but it would be very hard to articulate why without Fantasy Man damaging the experience of reading the novel Not a must read but if you re a fan it s worth it It is a little concerted self conscious even but Kevin is still the man Christina ZanakosWinslow in LoveKevin CantyNew YorkMarch 2005Word Count 640 Kevin Canty s Winslow in Love is WOW absolutely incredible from the balding loveable portrayal of Winslow to the perfect situationalialogue No matter what type of books you prefer Winslow in Love is one that anyone can enjoy It is a mixture of selflessness love The Flame Of Adventure desperation addiction grief and illness that capture the reader from page one and help them to fly through the pages always wanting needing to know what happens to Winslow next The novel begins with aepiction of Winslow a chubby balding pathetic attempting writer who is married to a woman named June Leaf though she oesn t last long June Leaf announces to Winslow in the first chapter his job opportunity at a school in Montana teaching writing jumping into the action and already giving us a vision of what we re headed for June Leaf leaves Winslow and over time he is rawn to a young female student half his age named Erika Jones Their relationship is obviously noticed and frowned upon by those at the school and Winslow sees another woman on the side in an effort. NightAt this freezing college in the ead of winter Winslow meets Erika one of his poetry students What begins with office hours and Jim Beam in paper cups becomes a road trip as they travel.

To appear less sketchy though it oesn t work very well The ynamic between the two is unfolded beautifully as an awkward encounter leading to sexual attraction Winslow always tells her that she is wrong and to fix things in her life yet she is just as stubborn as he and they constantly bicker Erika is also a virgin throwing another loop in the storyline Will she give it up to Winslow Eventually we realize that she must have even though it is never explicitly stated because she is pregnant in the final chapter Illness is a strong theme in the novel stirring emotions and evoking sadness for each character affected Erika and Winslow are both alcoholics for instance It is never said what her other illness is exactly but it is strongly implied that Erika is anorexic andor bulimic whether it be a supplement or the core issue is uncertain Winslow has cancer on his face and is in poor physical health and the two spend a lot of time traveling around with no estination in mind only looking for bars to get The Butterfly Club drunk in and cheap hotels to pass out in after Winslow seems to be on a path of selfiscovery from page one but Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors death gets him before he gets himself As Erika is about to have sex with Winslow for what at that point we believe may be the first time he collapses into the ocean Winslowies in Erika s arms in the ocean and out of fear of leaving him alone to His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, die she holds him through the night until aog walker finds them in the early morning The final chapter says In the afterlife several times The afterlife for Erika is life without Winslow alcohol and with a child She finds comfort in her stepfather and continues her life in a path that Winslow would ve been proud of She thinks of him often and writes him letters like he used to start for her but could never finish Canty sets the book up perfectly From page one Winslow is a pathetic but loveable character that has a peculiar attitude about life and seems to float from one thing to another without being assertive Each character has a certain charm that makes the reader love them then an illness or uirkiness to captive compassion I was stunned when Winslow Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? died but it ended the book wonderfully It was a build up to a letown but this let J.M. Coetzee down was long coming and in the end helped Erika to live the life she needed to I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves fiction it is absolutely incredible and has inspired me to purchase two of his novels I went on vacation a feways ago that means I read a lot Second one of the trip is this no nonsense kind of a Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women downer which isn t a surprise considering the writer is Kevin Canty he specializes inepressing stories about an alcoholic poetcollege professor whose marriage is in trouble as he heads off to Missoula to teach The Club of Angels during a winter semester Trouble looms in the form of a brightamaged student and lots of alcohol Do not expect a sunny pleasant ride but Blue Skies and Gunfire do expect crispirect to the bone writing from a very good write. Through Utah and Arizona Long haunted by thoughts of eath both Erika and Winslow begin to glimpse the power life can hold if they will only open up to the shame beauty and heartbreak of it al.

This book is like a pile of photographs with each brief chapter as a chronological snapshot that gives a sharp and etailed moment that moves the reader succinctly through time Canty gives us Winslow alcoholic and high functioning as a poet who gets a job at a Montana university We see the campus and the students and other professors think campus novel here and then comes the road novel section with the troubled we knew her and wanted secretly to 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 date her or be her Erika brilliant and fucked up and somewhat into being that where they go and how they are are seen in chapters like chess moves This is almost a great book which I can t say about that many books I bought this remaindered because I liked the cover and the first sentence mentionedrinking in PortlandOR bar in the rainGod speed The riving uestion will Winslow find happinessCan he or Canty I love Canty s easy way with words his ordinary very flawed characters and the something real I feel when I read him It s a tickle in the back of my brain that whispers yes I found myself underlining passages trying to remember holding onto something from these pages I understand Winslow although he s really nothing like me on the surface This book will remain on my shelf a treasure I found in the iscount racks of my local bookstore megastore Isn t that always the way Unexpected I m not sure whether I was Born Fighting drawn to this because of the protagonist s obviously awesome name hah or the Montana settingactually it was a gift and it looked like a uick read Since I just finished rereading Oryx and Crake before I read The Year of the Flood and thatid NOT go uickly although I still really enjoy it I really wanted something I could blow through uickly And this book was Dr. Simon Forman definitely uick To be honest I liked it than I thought I would It wasn t the most original story in the worldepressed college professor who Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside drinks too much ends up falling for angsty twenty year old they talk a lot about LIFE and TRUTH and what is REAL and share a lot of scotch but Richard Winslow somehow still seems real to me And Canty gets some things right some of hisescriptions about fishing and about writing for instance This book A Wartime Nurse didn t change my life but it was a satisfying read than I thought it would be I also think Canty wrote himself into a better story than he started with the writing wasefinitely better near the end than it was at the beginning Gorgeous writing especially when the author is Split describing the Pacific Northwest But Iidn t enjoy spending time with any of these characters and their long conversations left me feeling exhausted This is a great book It is captivating and very well written This 2005 Book was an absolute joy to read Sometimes it takes awhile for a book to grab me This one had me at the first sentence This is an intelligent book about a subject that is almost a cliche an older spiritually lost alcoholic professor and a younger eually lost student But it is no cliche and has Richard Winslow is in a rut His marriage is over and he is alone teaching poetry as a visiting professor in Montana and continuing to avoid actually writing himself He rinks to oblivion every.

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Kevin Canty writes novels and short stories He is a faculty member in the English department at the University of Montana at Missoula where he currently resides He received his Masters degree in English from the University of Florida in 1990 and MFA in creative writing from the University of Arizona in 1993

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