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Meets Cy Things get hot and heavy and t has nothing to do with the weather Warning This book s for the mature reader as t contains Adult content. Ve you wanting And I can guarantee there Diana Ross is to come Literally Come get your panties wetn New Orleans This s meant for eighteen and older readers Hot steamy and sexy Adult conte.

Free Download One Hot Night Let t Rise #1 –

One Hot Night A Let t Rise Novella Series Book 1 by Charley Crestland s my first read from this author This Rough Sex In Her Lonely Cabin is a Novella ands a very uick read. Marco a man lost n career and life While on assignment for work takes a chance driving through New Orleans during a hot humid June day One simple choice to stop for a beer has th.

Marco s life s on the rebound having lost everything Driving through New Orleans he Haunted (The Arnaud Legacy, is on an assignment and decides to stop at a local bar where he. E potential to change his entire life When he meets the sexy bar owner Cy hes mesmerized and ready for One Hot Night But will t lead to This s a novella series Book 1 will lea.

Charley Crestland ↠ 5 Summary