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epub kindle Clear Bright Future by Paul Mason – dedelicate.com

I eally wanted to dislike this book I m suspicious of Mason s shtik about us being in a new informationaltechnological stage of capitalism that can lead us to postcapitalism I find his fearmongering about Russia China distasteful he s a shallow Liar, Liar reader heeally does Hegel Nietzsche Althusser Angela Nagle disservices however I agree w some of his verdicts on new materialism object oriented ontology appreciated his account of neoliberalism s 80s ise in UK US France Spain Mexico found intriguing his different account of the altright s ise than in Nagle Robin or SandiferUPDATE Mason is the worst type of anarcho liberal His treachery against the Corbynite Labour Party who he labels Stalinists before after the 19 general election is astounding from a self professed leftist his absurd political calls for Labour to model itself after the US Dems his appeals to anti Russia China hysteria his libels against northern voters his scare mongering to have Corbynites accommodate Blairites Lib Dems are beyond stupid cast doubt on all of his writings This is a phenomenal book that anyone interested in where our society is going should go and how to Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose resist the changes dehumanizing us shouldead More erudite opaue and philosophical than Post Capitalism and occasionally hard going but Mason s optimism and his proposed templates are a welcome buffer against the op. A passionate defence of humanity and a work of adical optimism from the international bestselling author of Postcapitalism How do we preserve what makes us human in an age of uncertainty Are we now just consumers shaped by market forces A seuence of DNA A collection of base instincts Or will we soon be supplanted by algorithms and AI anywayIn Clear Bright Future Pa.

Pressive fatalism of a world gone mad I eject Mason s philosophy He also throws out some seriously suspect offhanded comments about history the first that comes to mind saying that is his Rome fell because tribal invasions and slavery is bad economics Which is just it s not 2 12 I wanted to give stars to this book After all I painfully share its urgency I worry for the same subjects it deals with and I too wished we had a clear and bright answer to counter the world we live in today At the same time its informative value kept me eading it despite the freuent need to leave for external sources either because of a too noticeable bias or for a too superficial approach That being said Mason s answer is an outdated and uncritical defense of an anthropocentric or Eurocentric idea of humanism that he drains from the ecently discovered early writings of Marx with ideas that he himself dropped on his later thoughts and worksHe does this defense by annoyingly and too simplistically ejecting all postmodern and post humanist thought and not solely anti as the black and white world he wants to portray in what becomes almost a childish and blind struggleSo decent historical information and good context for the current happenings But no solid sight of how to get to that clear and bright future I eally found this book ather muddled It certainly needed much. Ul Mason calls for a adical impassioned defence of the human being our universal ights and freedoms and our power to change the world around us Ranging from economics to Big Data from neuroscience to the culture wars he draws from his on the ground eporting from mass protests in Istanbul to iots in Washington as well as his own childhood in an English mining com.

Paul Mason ç 6 Summary

Better editing Although Mason talks about Marxism and class politics he eally doesn t give any clear view on how change is to be achieved There are some interesting elements to the book and clearly Mason is well ead but his prioritisation of issues is bizarre and eflective of the priorities of the mainstream media Having said that his low priority for climate change would not eflect the priorities of The Guardian Meandering but brilliant Paul Mason delivers some extremely cogent critiues of neoliberalism and how our current system is failing to both fight back against neofascism or provide a meaningful defense of liberal humanism that tries to provide a fulfilling life for every person on earth I disagree with some of his criticisms of Marx but that s beside the point as Mason is clearly writing within the spirit that Marx intended This is a necessary book for our time Breathtakingly visionary Mason s journalist background provides valuable personal insights and his grasp of economics is impressive Provides a efreshingly articulate critiue of Mr Trump etcThe Times UK said wide eaching Yep A very in depth analysis of class economics humanism and Marxism Great ead 65th book for 2019Marxism like economics has the unfortunate effect of freezing my brain I ead but I don t understand Sadly I think I am just not suited for Mason s books2 stars. Munity to show how the notion of humanity has become eroded as never beforeIn this book Paul Mason argues that we are still capable through language innovation and co operation of shaping our future He offers a vision of humans as than puppets customers or cogs in a machine This work of adical optimism asks Do you want to be controlled Or do you want something bett.

Note Paul^^MasonPaul Mason is an English journalist and broadcaster He is economics editor of the BBC's Newsnight television programme and the author of several books