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E s character I was happy for Charlotte I felt sorry for Charlotte I really liked Rick s character I loved Bobby My heart broke for Bobby I was happy for Carmen I really liked the ending I love a second chance romance This is a sweet story about getting a second chance at love with the man who left her at the altar I really wanted to hate Rick and was looking for reasons to but idn t Bobby on the other handneed somebody to tell this kid no A great vacation read for a stormy evening I love a good second chance Kathy Douglass is a new author to me and I purchased this book because of the brief blur after having read Rochelle A new release I must say I am pleasantly surprised and enjoyed Charlotte and Rick s second chance love story It s always interesting to see what type of spend would be placed on a second chance story The additional of Bobby and his impact on the story was key You recognize what compassion looks like You also get to see what Family Banish Clutter Forever dynamics are made ofYou ll smile at moments and your heart strings will be pulled at others Through it all you go on the journey of love and what it means to give of yourself While I think the main couple were a bit shallow it s a good sweet story I would have liked information about someetails though Still a pleasant evening read Just idn t feel like continuing with this on. He's got to make this move to Sweet Briar work to give his son a second chance But will he get a second chance with Charlotte in the bargain.

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EPUB ë Winning Charlotte Back BY Kathy Douglass – edelicate.com

Still Loving Second Chance Romance I absolutely loved this book Charlotte has truly been through it but love true love always has a chance to come and make life better This is what happened with Charlotte Rick and that precocious little boy Bobby I thoroughly enjoyed this book and series I efinitely recommend it Kudos Kathy Second chance romance with a twist Boy left girl at the altar even though he tried to get her to see that they were making a mistake Another twist boy comes home with a resentful stepson There s not really a lot of evelopment in the plot there are a lot of issues left open for example the Pistols for Two doctor s estranged ex wife Charlotte s father her relationship with the town Any one of them could give someepth to the story When the man who left her at the altarMoves in next Stronger doorThis could not be happening marketing guru Charlotte Shields had left both that heartbreakingay when she was left at the altar and this heartbreaking man behind Even worse their mutual attraction is back to betray her Especially as Dr Rick Tyler works hard to make amends He s got to make this move to Sweet Briar work to give his son Bobby a second chance Will he get a second chance with Charlotte in the bargain I Loss (Gus Dury, don t like books where the hero is an asshole and though not as freuent Ion t like books where the heroine is an asshole When the man who left her at the altarmoves in next The Last Rite (Danilov Quintet, doorThis could not be happening Charlotte Shields had left that heartbreakingay and thi.

Ither Charlotte is a Grade A first class all around bitch Her life revolved around getting her indifferent father s attention to the point where she cut everyone out of her life her family her colleagues the entire freaking town She has only herself to blame for this state and she s well aware of it but that Alacrity (Illumine, doesn t stop her from feeling sorry for herself when gasp her father gives away the job she s worked so hard for and she realizes that maybe if she hadn t been such a snobby a hole she have something resembling a support system when she really needs oneInstead her ex fiance reappears and blames himself for her horrible life I could only take about 100 pages of this before I threw up my hands and moved on I on t have time patience or sympathy for characters who o nothing to eserve it Such people can t be redeemed in my eyesI won t rate the book because although I loathed the MCs the book was not badly written I ve read another of this series and liked it okay and will probably ip into it again but wow Purchasing this book was a mistake for me I was than pleasantly surprised by this book I loved this book I loved all the characters especially Bobby Bobby and Charlotte s relationship was just adorable and heart warming This is the 4th book I read by Kathy Douglass I enjoyed this book s storyline I really liked Charlott. S heartbreaking man behind Even worse their mutual attraction is back to betray her – especially as Dr Rick Tyler works hard to make amends.

Kathy is a born reader who as a child always had her nose in a book That love of reading grew with her She often would finish one book and immediately pick up another She went from reading Bobbsey Twins to long lush romance novels One day she stumbled upon the Shining by Stephen King and was hooked She turned her back on romance and became a serious Stephen King fan reading every word he wr