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K this book was written to help advertise these services and there is a feel that this is part of the purpose of the book given the focus on some of the lesser nown highlighted apps I often don t appreciate books that are written as advertisements but given the topic this is interesting and has some value if only to increase awareness Probably a better uestion is whether this book provides value to readers that are new to personal finance and planning The author covers some of the basics with advice aimed at the uninitiated so it probably isn t a bad book to read early in your learning So for newbies not a bad read For experienced readers of a skim or a skip This book was a great reminder of all of the things I Ask the Past know I shouldnow about money yet never take the time to truly implement Yes I should be saving for retirement Yes I should pay myself first and only allocate a small percentage of my income for fun expenses Do I implement these rules 100% No Alexa Von Tobel definitely has me motivated to crunch some numbers and think about consolidating my accounts across the board First id like to point out that the photo accompanying this title is not correct Unless there are multiple prints or some other variable that i am unaware of Anyways i thought this was a very good overall introduction to how to save smarter with all the apps and technology that is rapidly becoming available It does not dive deep and the author is very upfront about her plan possibly not being your plan It also gives an overall look at where money may be headed in the future Its great for a beginner who doesn t Riding Class (Saddle Club, know what a bitcoin is Most of this is just basic stuff. Time and money by putting your savings and spending on autopilot Best practices foreeping your identity and financial accounts ultra secureHow to talk to digital natives ie your ids about financial planning What the Bitcoin hype is all about and how to prepare for the future of digital moneyPreparing ourselves for the financial future gives us the security and freedom to live our richest lives It's time to move Financially Forwardor get left behi.

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free pdf Financially Forward AUTHOR Alexa Von Tobel –

I found this book to be helpful in explaining the various technologies available in order to better organize our financial lives It was written in a way that was easy to read and motivating to make changes using technology There is a great glossary of apps at the end of the book I also really enjoyed the last section on blockchain and the discussion of future disruptors to the market like Bitcoin Money is changing every second of every day How we handle money will be very different in the next 10 years than it is now Think about how differently we handle money from 10 years ago Venmo Bitcoin digital wallets are many of the new ways that we handle our money in not just the last 10 years but the last couple of years Things are changing and this book gives us a simple breakdown of what is here now and how to use it as well as what may be in our future I ve read a lot of financial books over the years and I can t say this one is any different than the others I m only giving it 2 stars because I expected to be learning about future technologies and how our financial lives would change This book is mostly about basic financial planning emergency savings open a FSAIRA with a blurb about technology at the end If you use Postmates Uber online banking or any budgeting software I don t think this book is worth the time If you re not an adopter perhaps it would be useful Great book for beginners or folks learning how to use tech to help with finances I m somewhat of a technophobe so I picked this book up to gain nowledge of best practices when it comes to taking advantage of technology in my personal finances I immediately took steps to simplify. Chief digital officer at Northwestern Mutual founderCEO of LearnVest and New York Times bestelling author shows how to use the simple tools of the digital age to get out of our moneyWe live in a new financial world Our wallets like every other aspect of our lives have gone fully digital From mobile pay to on demand everything to cryptocurrencies technology is rewriting the rules for how we earn save spend and invest Technology has made virtually eve.

My finances review my security measures and took notes on things to review in the future The book isn t super long nor difficult to read I think it s well worth the time to make sure you are taking advantage of the changes that have come along in this digital age Solid 35 stars I liked this book and thought it was very informative about the role of FinTech in our lives There was a lot of repetitive stuff that I already new about finance which was why I rated it only 35 stars I m still a bit skeptical about automating ALL of my finances even though I m probably already automating a huge chunk and tech plays a huge part in my financial life This book was definitely interesting and gave me a lot to think about I picked this up because it looked like it covered interesting topics was by someone I had heard of was short and was showcased at our local Barnes and Noble This promised to analyze the current crop of fintech tools Since I use some of these tools and I m always looking for better this was promising After reading this I was a bit underwhelmed This book meanders all over the place within personal finance There are basic definitions some intro to planning trends in personal finance pointers on raising financially aware children and the future of blockchain Having read uite a few personal finance books I found that this wasn t really written for me I did get something out of it though the author includes a list of apps and services that are currently available Some I heard of some I use The author also tags the large number of these services where she is an investor Given she has spread her investments around this arena you might thin. Ry aspect of our lives cheaper and convenient Shouldn't it do the same when it comes to managing our financesVon Tobel says that it can In this straightforward and jargon free guide she shows us how to use the simple tools found on any smartphone to put money back into our wallets Readers will learnSix new trends that are impacting our finances and how to optimize themHow to navigate the world of mobile pay and cash in by going cash freeHow to save.

Alexa von Tobel is the founder and CEO of LearnVestcom a personal finance website and the founder and Managing Partner of Inspired Capital

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