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Southwestern archaeology has ong been fascinated with the scale and freuency of movement in Pueblo history from great migrations to short term mobility By collaborating with Pueblo communities archaeologists are earning that movement was and is much than the result of economic opportunity or a response to social conflict Movement is one of the fundamental concepts of Pueblo thought and is essential in shaping the identities of contemporary Pueblos The Continuous Path challenges archaeologists to.

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Ebook Book The Continuous Path – dedelicate.com

Is an emphasis on historical continuities and the understanding that the same concepts of movement that guided the actions of Pueblo people in the past continue to do so into the present and the future Movement is a never ending and directed journey toward an ideal existence and a continuous path of becoming This path began as the Pueblo people emerged from the underworld and sought their middle places and it continues today at multiple evels integrating the people the village and the individual

Take Pueblo notions of movement seriously by privileging Pueblo concepts of being and becoming in the interpretation of anthropological data In this volume archaeologists anthropologists and Native community members weave multiple perspectives together to write histories of particular Pueblo peoples Within these histories are stories of the movements of people materials and ideas as well as the interconnectedness of all as the Pueblo people find eave and return to their middle places What results.