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Ion experience Rob Laurens describes the difference between just doing digital and being digital He provides a practical six step process that any leader can use to accelerate change seize the pportunities and counter the threats that digital technology bringsThis is people first business transformation for the real world; the way to build core strength speed and agility throughout your rganisation Free from digital jar.

Is your rganisation in good shape for today's digital world Has it effectively changed the way it works to keep up with the new connected consumer Or is it still stuck Nakama 1b: Introductory Japanese: Communication, Culture, Context on the digital business basics losing relevance and falling behind in the race for customersGet Fit for Digital Business will help you to assess where you are now where you need to go and how you can get there Leaningn two decades f business transformat.

Gon and corporate gobbledegook it's a complete framework for leaders who don't have time for an MBA in digital business but who do want to get their teams in great shape to survive and thrive in a digital world Get Fit for Digital Business will help you to create an enterprise that is not just productive and profitable but also happier and healthier leaving you and your team feeling and performing better in every departme.

Online Book Get Fit for Digital Business –

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