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25 StarsIt wasn t the kind of dark that I used to read There wasn t any trace of loveromance between the vessel and his master or if there was I didn t feel it and the scary thing is I don t know if there will be in the next installments and I didn t understand the experiment I didn t know what they wanted to do with the vessel Told in single POV 3rd person it s the first installment in The Vessel series and it s a bit cliffy Overall it wasn t what I expected and hope you like it than me Excellent narrative uality but it s impossible to rate this on its own merit It would feel like rating the first chapter before reading the rest of the book NOTE Not a romance even if you suint Everyone who s reading this except you two I m pointing at just stay faaaaar away In a world where the poor or those fallen from race have no status no rights who are deemed rubbish anything Inverloch Volume 4 goes This instalment introduces us to one of these Forfeits who lives as a slave This isn t an easy read It s dark very dark to be honest and brutal It s also not a romance Yet itives a fascinating insight to what could happen in a society where lives don t matter Where the twisted the corrupt or purely evil rules the world The tags and warnings In the year 2030 overpopulation is at critical levels To combat the problem a new law is passed which creates a class system including a Forfeit class in which the least deserving are stripped of all rights and labeled as non human Twenty years later the Elite clas.

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(The Vessel Ê KINDLE) author J.H. Black – dedelicate.com

Lized it was not my kink even though it has some of my favorite kinks in it like inflation fetish not enough of this body modification and feminization to a degree However I m not a fan of objectification or the type of slave who exists only to please master wo much of a mind himself The type that is likely to say this slave and speak in third person of himself Nothing wrong with that just not my thing This is a The Good and Beautiful God great book for those who love that type of kink or story I love the sort of non con ness of it and the future world withrim realities I wrote itAvailable on Smashwords Fall down your own personal rabbit hole with this story If you enjoy something dark and different you will love this first book in a new series I want of Master and Dr Milner This is written for me almost like a thriller or a mystery What will happen to The Vessel What will The Master do What will the other characters do This is dystopian and a dark future especially for the boy called The Vessel It s an excellent read for those both into and not into BDSM For those into BDSM the reason is obvious For those of us not into BDSM the interest comes in trying to understand The Vessel and his feelings and emotions Jace is a brilliant writer. E entire family to become Forfeits He’s purchased at auction by a doctor with his own agenda and becomes one of many who will find their way into an in home clinic where the Hippocratic oath no longer applies Warnings noncon dubcon torture forced medical procedur.

Re there for a reason Make sure you take note of them before you read this story as it s definitely not for everyone Excellent writing solid 4 star uality But yikes I m the wrong type of reader for this story No rating due to this but in the hands of the right reader this book will do very well Abandon all hope ye who enter here could be used as the warning for this story It is NOT for everyone it is not a romance not a love story or at least not one that most would recognize Forfeits are the lowest of the low in this futuristic dystopian tale slaves to everything and everyone bought and sold as animal fodder organ donors or slaves to anyone with the priceIt is under these circumstances that a college age boy finds himself the possession of Master a respected doctor who has all but perfected the methods used for various body modifications reuested by other slave owners This story takes us on a journey through the life of a slave owned used and modified to become perfection in Masters eyes Willingness has no place here no value since what Master wants Master ets My ramblings are written in book two Very smooth writing iven the subject is harsh that s a huge plus I loved the first chapter or two but then I rea. S rules the world on the backs of the Worker class while the Forfeits are nothing than a consumable product to be used and abused with no restriction whatsoeverThe Vessel was a college aged boy with a name and a future before his parents went bankrupt and damned th.

JH Black has never had an apple pie and ice cream existence He lives down a rabbit hole of the taboo where he happily coexists in the dark depths with his twisted perversions