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Ress her Based on Charlotte s own inner rants her aunt put on makeup that morning to make herself happy and it shouldn t matter what anyone lse thinks of it Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses even CharlotteThe twins are kind ofI don t really know The idea of actually having sex with twins is kind of gross because it s not actually the same person duplicated they re siblings Is thatven legal Also I absolutely hated the scene immediately after they have sex on the Disney ride Holding up your used condom and discussing cleaning up the mess afterjust NOI basically said A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, everything about Spencer that I want to already But to reiterate I think he s not very chill for someone who apparently smokes a lot of weedRanger and ChurchI don t have much to say about them They re practically forgotten most of the bookCharlotte s parents are one of the stupidest parts of the novel Her dad spends the first third of the novel refusing to tell her and her friends whether or not Spencer is alive or dead and lets them sufferven when he knows Spencer is alive He s a caricature and My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, entirely unbelievableMy last bone to pick with this novel Plagiarism This novel very heavily derived its plot from Ouran High School Host Club Best of all the author mentions Japanese anime and this particular anime multiple times in this novel as though pointing out the source material makes it any less awfulI struggled with this a lot as I was reading this book On one hand it s what drew me to this series in the first place I like girl in disguise plotlines But it feels disingenuous to the original series tonjoy something that s basically a rip off Is the original creator of this content aware of this book series Is Bisco Hatori ok with itSomehow I think the answer to the first uestion in no Which means that I m not ok with itI do not recommend this book I think if you ve gotten this far into my review you probably had some issues with it as well I was racking my brain trying to find something nice to say about it or something that I Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, enjoyed but when all I could come up with was girl in disguise and Church references coffee a lot and I like coffee I realized this book doesn t have a lot of redeeming ualities for me As you can tell I m really into reverse harem at the momentxtremely guilty pleasure But what I loved about this one is the veil of mystery that is intertwined throughout the book and I assume the series This makes this book intriguing and unputdownable Staying up late on a school night to download and start reading book 2 shows how much this story got under my skin Well then 45 stars I think Reading this book after a few months of waiting it felt as though there was less mystery solving and relationship building with mundane stuff I admit some of my The Baby Album enthusiasm wilted with the drama about the release date but I kept in mind though how it would have felt reading 1 and 2 back to back and was able to garner some of thatxcitement backThis felt like filler kinda like anime the book referenced a lot but again with reading 1 and 2 back to back it would feel right The Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose ending felt as though it was the only progress with the mystery with 90% of the book dedicated to fluff But I don t mind it I know I list all these things that are negative but really Injoyed it Which is funny cuz usually I don t like this much filler But this was a lot of fun just seeing them interact with Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., each other the little heart stopping moments of romantic advancesven though some were VERY silly view spoiler naked baking hide spoiler. Nd hopeless coffee addict Ranger the bada VP and naked baker The identical McCarthy twins and MMA Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, enthusiasts And Spencer the boy who was willing to uestionverything about himself to fall for me oh SpencerMurder and romance are both in the air at Adamson; I'm just not sure which one will kill me firs.

Like with all my other reviews of CM s bully romance books I ll post updates about releases here Click see review since it takes time for updates to my reviews appear on the main pageBOOK IS NOW LIVE Buddy Read with girls at the House of Harem RHRWell speed read really because I pretty much went through this at 100 miles an hourNever have I built up so much to a seuel The constant guessing game of when it was going to be released had me wondering if this was going to be a massive let downI m happy to say I fell back into this world very uickly and fell back in love with the characters Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, easily I think it might be an unpopular opinion that this was awesome but I happen to love the fluff and lighthearted romance and this wasxactly thatNot much on the murder mystery front other than a lot of speculation but I think this was about getting this harem on track I dig itAgain maybe an unpopular opinion but I happen to love Chuck as well as her men Ranger the naked baker is now gaining ground for my favourite student council member She s funny and awkward and the situations she finds herself in just crack me up I m sitting in a class full of dudes with a lubed condom in one hand a tiny round lemon cucumber in front of me and the gorgeous guys of the Adamson All Boys Academy Student Council sitting around meIt s just fun and I love funWhat is was missing was the secret girl part It kind of lost a little sparkle when the secret is no longer a secret A lot of the plot drivers a little set up and convenient but that s not what this book is about for me so I m letting that slideThe only part I really felt annoyed about was her Dads behaviour Honestly it wouldn t surprise me if that man turns out to not be her father at all He sure doesn t act like itCombine that with the preemptive sentences of doom like This is the best thing that s Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) ever happened to me And maybe also the worst I just don t know that yet those always get on my nerves another major cliffhanger similar to book 1 and I m docking a starMaybe one of my favourite series this year I m so glad this seuel didn t disappointSo after just one day of delight in a long awaited release I m now right back toWonderful I m a little disappointed in myself that this is the first book I ve started and finished since the semester beganI actually started this book when it came out in Augustand finished it yesterday mid September There s literally nothing to hold your attention in this book and I had so many issues with it that it s notven funnyFirst this book contributed nothing to the plot At all Every book should at least have some kind of contribution to make but there wasn t anything significant hereThe book was a weird mess of plot points that were basically just wish fulfillment We go from Connecticut to California to Disney Land back to Connecticut and then some weird Japanese onsen where the characters spend approximately the last 5% of the novel and do absolutely nothing on a school trip that makes no sense Yet somehow this part of the novel was important nough to draw a map forI don t consider this a spoiler but obviously Spencer lived The characters spend the first third of the novel alternating between biting their nails that he might be dead and debating about whether or not they should have sex It was so startling to be reading about how depressed Charlotte is about Spencer s assumed demise then begin to debate whether or not she and the twins should get it on then immediately resume being sad. Psst I know a secretThe same secret that the Student Council the super rich super handsome lite of Adamson All Boys Academy knows tooJenica Woodruff the only girl to ver attend the academy before I showed up didn't commit suicide she was murderedNow someone is after me too but no matter where I go th.

About SpencerThe mystery in this novel is kind of laughable by now Again nothing was contributed to the plot I think I would be happier at this point if the mystery just faded into the background and was ntirely forgotten Sometimes the novel thinks that too because the mystery will be neglected for massive sections of the book in favor of romantic pining before it weirdly and aggressively reinserts itself into the spotlight when the author remembers it s a thingNot to mention Charlotte s occasional musings on whether or not one of the guys is a suspect We all know they re not involved and it s weird that Charlotte is still super in to guys that she thinks were potentially involved in the murder of a girl years ago and are now possibly actively plotting to kill her as well The suspicion is thrown in for some dramatic tension and all it does it makes Charlotte look kind of wishy washyThe relationship can t figure itself out Spencer gets the most attention in this book followed by the twins and Ranger and Church are just background noise It doesn t read like an actual poly relationship it reads like a relationship between Charlotte and Spencer that happens to be open to a select few of Spencer s friendsIt feels unrealistic and forced and while normally I m rooting for the poly relationship to start in this book I cringe Gilligan Unbound every time Charlotte looks at a guy other than Spencer because of thensuing jealousy and awkwardness And I don t Gone for Soldiers even like SpencerWhich kind of segues into my next point The moments where Spencer reminisces about how hard he got when he grabbed Charlotte s fake penis are justweird Especially now that he knows she s a girl Normally I would peg Spencer as bisexual but he is completely adamant that he s heterosexual and his friends are too It all feels kind of icky and should be left alone but the author keeps reminding us of the almost gay for you plotline which is cringey at bestAnd believe it or not there s actually another reason on top of all of that as to why the relationship just doesn t work for me Not a single other one of the guys seems interested in anyone other than Charlotte Reverse harems aren t the most realistic poly relationships but it kind of reaches a whole new level of crazy when you pair one girl with five horny guys that are aggressively heterosexualI m not Charlotte s biggest fan butven I have to wince in sympathy for her There s no believable way for that to work In her other series Stunich had the heroine literally draw names out of a hat for Hotshot P.I. each day of the week with one day for down time Howxhausting would that be At the very least the guys need to be written as open to Mean Girls experimentation withach other because no one can keep up that kind of lifestyleNow that I ve gotten all that down I m going to move on to the charactersCharlotte is a dick She s Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, even worse than Stunich s last bully romance heroine Marnye who was a massive hypocrite The trait lives on Charlotte gives the same preachy speeches about sex and not judging women for the choices they maket al to infinity Then proceeds to mentally Duty to Protect eviscerate any women that she seesxcept Marnye who makes an appearance in this book The Surprise Triplets (Safe Harbor Medical easily identifiable by her rose gold hair I think my favoritexample of this was when her aunt picks her up at the airport Charlotte gets in the car and proceeds to describe her aunt s makeup as heavy handed and not her favorite type of makeup for her aunt So Did her aunt put on makeup that morning specifically hoping to imp. E killer follows My new high school isn't safe and turns out neither is my old oneI'm not a member of the Student Council but after verything we've been through together after the horrible things we've seen I may as well be These ruthless boys have taken me under their wingChurch the fearless leader

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Ebook online The Ruthless Boys Adamson All Boys Academy #2 by C.M. Stunich – dedelicate.com