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S fled Japan where she lived with her abusive husband He died six months into their marriage nexpectedly which was a boon as Garrison s do not divorce There are a whole host of things Garrison s don t do and that s just one of them Now that she s back skeletons than any one family should have come out of the closet almost literallyJanne s overwhelmed with estions Why did her mother kill herselfHow has Janne survived so many accidents over the yearsWere they actually accidentsWhy is her step brother Burne so resentful of her father and the familyIs there anyone she can trustIs this really a four star book Pro. E girl who had everything youth beauty riches and a glamorous familyBut behind the glittering wall of privacy that separated the Garrisons from the ordinary world there lurked a shapeless shadowy terror that had haunted Janne from childhood mysterious accidents that had nearly taken her life the dark.

I ve read this book times than I care to admit It is in all honesty simply a trashy romance novel but has the added benefit of a pretty fascinating murder mystery background plot A great beach read This is one of my favorite books that I read as a child This book as well as any of the Chronicles of Narnia are books that I pick p about once a year for a re read Had not read this in a while but thanks to GR boards and boogenhagen I found this again Strange Legacy is set on a fictional island off Texas and is as gothic a story as you can get set in Texas on the coast in the summer Janne Garrison the heroine ha. A Gothic murder mystery of a rich dysfuntial family where a young woman discovers none of her family members are who or what they seem to beFive Fingers the Garrison's island estate lay like a tiny jewel nder the brilliant Texas Gulf sun To all appearances Janne heiress to the Garrison kingdom was th.

( READ Strange Legacy ) AUTHOR Ann Forman Barron – dedelicate.com

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Bably not but for me it is The suspense the cool arrogance of her immediate family the estions of how far does family pride and loyalty go the mystery of her mother s death as well as other smaller mysteries are very well done This is old school in terms of romantic suspense as the emphasis is on suspense rather than romance but despite being written in 1969 it holds For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde up very well Janne does a few silly things but in the scheme of things keeps the TSTLota down Unfortunately as the heroine of this gothic tale poor Janne is a little on the bland side leaving being interesting and complex to the other character. Silence about her mother's suicide rumors of madness in the family's pastNow Janne's return after the sudden death of her husband had awakened the old horrors There were new accidents Someone at Five Fingers wanted to kill her But who WhyWhat murderous monster was hiding behind the smiling mask of lov.