Book read The Collected Stories of Andre Maurois by André Maurois –

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Hese short stories I would give this ten stars if I cou. IendsDinner Under the Chestnut TreesBodies and SoulsThe Curse f GoldFor Piano AloneThe DepartureThe Fault f M BalzacLove in ExileWednesday's VioletsA CareerTen Year LaterTidal WaveTransferenceFlowers

That wise ld man It was amazing and enjoyable to read CONTENTSAn Imaginary InterviewReality TransposedDarling Good EveningLord The Wallflower's Revenge of the ShadowsAriane My SisterHome PortMyrrhineBiographyThanatos Palace Hotel adapted as an episodef The Alfred Hitchcock HourFr.

Ld A sublime collection My nly complaint is that it ended. N SeasonThe WillThe CampaignThe Life f ManThe Corinthian PorchThe CathedralThe AntsThe PostcardPoor MamanThe Green BeltThe Neuilly FairThe Birth f a MasterBlack MasksIrèneThe LettersThe CuckooThe Hous.

Book read The Collected Stories f Andre Maurois by André Maurois –

characters The Collected Stories f Andre Maurois

André Maurois born Emile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog was a French author André Maurois was a pseudonym that became his legal name in 1947André Maurois is very famous writer in Russia Many of his books are translated to RussianDuring World War I he joined the French army and served as an interpreter and later a liaison officer to the British army His first novel Les silences du colonel Bramble