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Added and began listening on June 21 2018 Audio version loaned from public libraryPublished June 7th 2004 by HMH Books for Young Readers first published October 15th 2001Narrated by Joanna WyattLength 8 hrs and 29 minsAudible Release date 04 15 09 June 25 2018I listened to this audio book in my browser via my public library The story is told in the voice of the main character a young Vietnamese girl named Zazoo Her voice is very appealing and sweet There s interesting dialogue with other characters as wellIt was fun listening to this story of how a little adopted Vietnamese girl is adopted by a single American man and as he ages brings affection to him and to his neighborhood pharmicist Uncle Felix Kline She also has a little romance with a French boy named MariusZazoo is Vietnamese by birth but feels ntirely French She has lived with her adoptive Grand Pierre in France in an old stone mill between the river and the canal since she was two sharing poetry adventures and the predictable rhythms of the seasons Then one misty October morning a young man on a bicycle rides into Zazoo s small village and asks a uestion from which many stories begin to unfold A love story within a love storyFROM Editorial Reviews A slow and almost dreamlike The Magic Rolling Pin exploration of the myriad ways that the pastspecially a cataclysmic past informs the present The slow revelation of the many intertwined personal histories is truly Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, elegant and the several love stories thatmerge are almost painfully romantic Zazoo s voice is honest and distinct as she tells her story the secondary characters develop with real three dimensional complexity as well This is a story of memory and contemplation not action with most of the lements unfolding slowly over the course of a year through dialogue and reminiscence Kirkus Reviews with PointersFrom the very first paragraph Mosher s vivid imagery makes Zazoo s world come to life This book is her tale a romance with a little history thrown in and it is told well VOYA Voice of Youth AdvocatesZazoo is a beautiful and lyrical novel with poetry woven throughout It is a story of love devotion and unwavering commitment that bridges generations and cultures School Library Journal StarredA lyrical book about memory and livi. Zazoo is Vietnamese by birth but feels ntirely French She has lived with her adoptive Grand Pierre in France in an old stone mill between the

Ebook Download Zazoo by Richard Mosher – dedelicate.com

Ng with loss SLJ Best Books of the YearReaders will be swept away by the vocative images and motive scenes in this story offering a mix of bitter and sweeet Publishers Weekly StarredThis finely crafted novel told in Zazoo s authentic first person narrative speaks to than one message it also The Unseen Wonder evokes the uiet passage of the seasons and the joys of friendship A novel with a big message well told through the smallest details Booklist ALAABOVE IS FROM THE KIRKUS REVIEW AT IS A SWEET POEM I FOUND IN THE BOOKHOME our stretch of canal was the saddest loveliest place onarth Home I whisperedis where the river flows humming through the willowsHome is milkweed in your hairwith hemlock moss your pillowsHome if you could only knowis anyplace I see you it s in your heartand from the startI ve known my home would be youWhen I was little you recited that poem I couldn t hear it often The Management Bible enough Ever since I needed to remember that I had the best friend the best home in the world I recited your poem It always helped You have a friend he asked as simply as a boy The best friend a girl could have I took his hand the way he used to take mine The old man who brought me around the world and made a home for mep 221 Chapterter 33 Zazoo by Richard MosherFROM GOOGLE If its raining hard outside and your looking for a warm tale to curl up with look no further Easily one of the best books i havever read I recomend that verone at least tries this book although if you are not a big reader you may have difficulty staying focused This book would appeal to readers of romance xpecially though it is not limited to them I thought this was one of the most gorgeous YAs of its year More a 45 This is one of my favorites and I just needed to reread it Zazoo is a Vietnamese girl who was adopted by GrandPierre as an infant and taken to his native France Grand Pierre is 78 and losing his mind This along with a mysterious but nice boy she meets along their canal propels the story Don t read this for a fast moving plot This is definitely a character piece with Zazoo coming of age and learning many hard things It s lovely well written and has some great characters including the to die for young man Zazoo meets This is a sweet delicate story of a young girl Iver and the canal since she was two sharing poetry adventures and the predictable rhythms of the seasons Then one misty October morning a young.

F Vietnamese descent learning about herself and about her beloved grandfather who is actually not a relation She and he live on a canal in France where he is a lock keeper I won t give of the specifics since it is part of the book s charm that the circumstances of these two people s lives are fleshed out bit by bit Sleepless (Bird of Stone, even as Zazoo is growing up before ouryesA delight that ven nchanted my husband not schmaltzy just full of slow building drama revelations of the past and lots of love of various hues all most wonderful The writing is richly vocative redolent of time and place History motion and true love wound around the truths of things I realize this doesn t describe it much but it is one of the best YA titles ver Although I appreciated the atmosphere of this story the description of the countryside and the coming of age of the sweet young protagonist one major part was never satisfactorily xplained in my opinion Zazoo was adopted from Vietnam by an Yummy Supper elderly French man who was a friend of her family I understand that uite a few orphans were adopted abroad in the wake of the Vietnam War but it seems unlikely to me that Zazoo s Grand Pierre would have been considered a good candidate for an adoptive parent seeing as how he was single and old In fact by the time the story began Grand Pierre was beginning to slide into dementia Even if he was a family friend I still think he would have had difficulties adopting herThis may be a minor issue with many readers and indeed it s not really a part of the plot but it was something that bothered me thentire time while I read the book This is one of my favorites Zazoo is a Vietnamese orphan raised in France sharing a uiet poetic close to nature life with Grand Pierre who adopted her When a strange boy arrives on a bicycle and talks to her asking Zazoo is the story of a young Vietnamese girl adopted by a lderly French lock master With the arrival of a young teen boy the stories of the past begin to merge What is the story between Grand Pierre and Monsieur Klein and will Zazoo be able to bring them back together as friends As love comes to Zazoo old loves are revealed Short and sweet The image of the canal flows right off the page and sticks with you I loved this story. Man on a bicycle rides into Zazoo’s small village and asks a uestion from which many stories begin to unfold A love story within a love story.

Richard Mosher was born in India and raised in upstate New York When he was fifteen he spent the year attending a French boarding school and hitchhiking around Europe during vacations A graduate of Antioch college Mr Mosher is the author of one previous novel for young people The Taxi Navigator He now lives with his wife in St Paul Minnesota