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So excited to use this word in conversation nowAt the beginning I saw Georgiana as very immature in her actions and thoughts So na ve A little bit of is she really that stupid But towards the end of the book I felt a shift towards my feelings for this character Georgiana still acted blonde many times but she became likeable Sweetly naive maybe I don t know but when I started to accept Georgiana for how she was I began to enjoy the book I definitely felt like there were times that Ashdowne was in over his head I liked how Ashdowne accepted Georgiana for who she was and just rolled with the punches and her wild anticsI said at the beginning I liked this book and really didn t know why It is completely different from the dark books and characters I usually lean towards This was very fanciful with sugary story and characters However the last 60pgs or so of the story was really ood and intense I feel like I was kind of captured by the characters I mean how can anyone not fall in love with how Ashdowne allowed Georgiana to be herself and helped her follow her dreamsSo anyway meh to the whole storyline of Georgiana searching for who stole Lady Culpepper s emeralds and bravo to the chemistry and relationship between Georgiana and Ashdowne Definitely saved the story for me They were fun characters to read about and played off each other spectacularly This book is definitely a fun romp read some funny situations but don t expect much of an engaging storyline I wish Georgiana and Ashdowne were put into a supporting story However as a couple they were a blast to read aboutI uess my final word is this book is a curiously charming story about how it is ok to be yourself and being lucky enough to find the hero to accept you just the way you areI realize I didn t say much about the story but really it s just Georgiana thinking she can become a Bow Street Runner and Ashdowne doing his damnedest to keep her out of trouble I would probably compare this book to the movie The Princess Bride loved that movie Silly but romanticB Incredibly boring The book is three times as long as it needs to be since there s no mystery and no suspense If the characters had been interesting or better developed they could ve compensated for the plot or the serious lack thereof At the very least I might ve found Georgiana s pratfalls and Ashdowne s exasperation as amusing as the narrative claimed they were Instead I spent two thirds of the book convinced that Ashdowne would regret his imminent marriage to Georgiana because she isn t clever It s impossible that she could appear to be since the culprit is obvious to the audience and the plot reuires her to miss clues from the outsetI never bought into Ashdowne s attraction and I didn t have much interest in him as an individual The story became engaging when Georgiana starts to solve the mystery and with something worthwhile to do she improves as a character but she bears too little resemblance to herself Ashdowne would ve been fine except view spoilerthat he has to tie himself in knots to fall for Georgiana and he loses his most compelling ualities as a result The recognition of his moral failings didn t ring true to me because there s no rational or philosophical explanation for it hide spoiler Eh Really predictable Some parts were cute but over all it was rather boring. Axton bemoaned the lack of excitement now marking his days But when uixotic exotic Georgiana Bellewether literally tumbled into his arms he knew he'd caught himself an armful The woman was a disaster in the maki.

This is probably the first book I actually laughed out loud atAt first I was very frustrated by the heroine because she describes herself as unapproachably intelligent but in reality she is rather ditsy Once I ot over my expectations for her to be intelligent I found her hilarious I think we all have that friend that would describe themselves as an intellectual even though they would lose their head if it weren t attached to their neck Georgiana is truly a breath of fresh air for the reader and for the hero of the story Johnathon There is almost nothing she does or says that couldn t be described as charmingly absurd I was intrigued by Johnathon a This book is a delight Several times from chapter three onwards I laughed out loud at the events and scenes and for the most part I just sat back and enjoyed the ride I Verdammt verliebt guessed very easily who the culprit was of course but that wasn t really the point Georgiana was a delightful heroine full of fizz and enthusiastic to a fault In fact a lot of the fun of the book came through her over enthusiastic approach to investigating the theft of a rather unpleasant lady s necklace She found a worthy hero in Ashdowne and the roller coaster they took us on was wonderfulI have just a couple ofripes One is common to a lot of Mills and Boon books and that s the cardboard cut out nature of many of the secondary characters Lady Culpepper was ONLY unpleasant Georgiana s family were ONLY stupid I don t want to spend too much time with these characters when we can be The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, getting on with the real story of the book but I do like to feel they are there as than just window dressing I ve read other books by Deborah Simmons and the minor characters in those were realistic and rounded which made these all the disappointing and lost her one starThe otherripe is a personal preference We didn t enter the hero s head until Chapter Three by which time I was beginning to fear the entire book would be told only from the heroine s point of view I don t enjoy books that only Inverloch Volume 4 give us her point of view without his and I was on the verge of putting it down and finding something else to read when we finallyot to him The only reason I d waited so long was because I was reading in the bath and couldn t just The Good and Beautiful God go andet another book Leaving it so late to o to him lost the other starOnce we ot over that hump though I was thoroughly entertained and I would recommend this book to anyone wanting a lighthearted and uplifting read So so charming Georgiana was a fun character to read about very naive sheltered from the country and yet also imaginative and clever She s always wished she was born a boy so that she could row up to be a real Bow Street Runner detective Though she has had no training and so her methods include wild oose chases and clusmy calamities beneath it all she has a uick mind view spoilerthat solves the mystery in the end hide spoiler This one was blah hH were like cardboard characters totally un interesting These two also shared zero chemistry had a blah romance First off I just have to say I ll be damned if I can figure out why I liked this story So I uess I am saying be prepared for a confusing reviewHaha I like how Georgiana says Ashdowne might be the healthiest man she had ever seen Is this the regency euivalent of sexyNew word alert Botheration Ooooh I S emeralds were stolen Now if only she could keep her mind on the case and her hands off the enigmatic man in black the beguiling » Lord AshdowneAs the newly made ever responsible Maruis of Ashdowne Johnathon

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BOTHERATION A predictable titleSPECIAL NOTE The book is also in raphic formatLondon Regency EraGeorgiana Bellewether has never been taken seriously Because of her beauty and luscious curves she is judged as a oosecap Although her mother is flighty and her father enial she inherited the keen mind of a scholar with a special talent for solving mysteries Cursed for her Every Boys Dream gender she dreams of a life as a Bow Street RunnerDuring a family holiday in Bath London sheets the opportunity to solve the biggest crime of the season prove her abilities and receive her just admiration One particular suspect is the Maruis of Ashdown A refine man of the Haut Ton who appear to be out of place among the sleepy town of dowagers and old menThis is a cozy mystery What make the book worth reading is Georgiana s characteristic nature and her skills matched against the talents of a thief For me the characters were partially boring nor did I have any Lol moments I did like one seduction scene while at an eatery Ashdown sensually licked on a spoon Steamy The romance scenes are Starflight Zero graphically watered down into short paragraphsThere s not much dialogue while the introspection and narration slowed the pacedI look forward to reading the two partraphic novel IMO I think this couple would make an interesting mystery series I read this straight after The Devil Earl and I enjoyed it much I loved the hero and I loved the relationship that develops between him and the heroine as she attempts to solve the mystery of the missing necklace In particular several parts of the book made me laugh out loud But it wasn t perfect In particular the heroine at the beginning of the book says she is a devotee of Plato A Succession of Bad Days giving the impression that her methods of deduction are all about logic And then sheoes on to try and solve the crime based solely on intuition leg work and things she was fortunate enough to overhear She complains that no one takes her seriously I had trouble taking her seriously I was also fairly ropable when at the end of the book view spoiler she decides that her life long dream to be a famous detective and be known for her expertise in solving mysteries was completely satisfied by being respected by the man she loved Look I have love and it s The Multi-Orgasmic Man great But it s not the be all and end all I hate to see women in books put down their dreams because auy enjoys their company But it s completely cool als because there will be heaps of domestic mysteries for her to solve at his estate In the very last paragraph there s a suggestion that she will continue doing what she does but I felt sad that she seemed to ive up her ambition hide spoiler Pretty The Great Passage good but not worth buyingGeorgiana is a smart young lady who wants toain respect and admiration for her detective abilities Someone stole a necklace from the hostess s bedroom during a party While Georgiana investigates one of her suspects assists her She jumps to conclusions too fast but eventually succeeds in solving the mystery I wasn t surprised or delighted The heroine was a little too syrupy sweet for me The story was half solving the mystery and half developing the romance The ending was cuteSexual language mild Number of sex scenes three Setting Bath England probably regency period Copyright 2000 Genre mystery regency romance A charming and delightfully easy read. BOTHERATION Why her family had elected to spend an entire season in boring Bath Georgiana Bellewether couldn't fathom Nothing to stimulate her inuisitive mind ever happened here until the night Lady Culpepper'.

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Deborah Simmons is the author of twenty five historical romances and novellas published by Avon Berkley and HarleuinA native midwesterner Simmons graduated cum laude from Wittenberg University and was a journalist before turning to fiction Her first book Heart's Masuerade was published by Avon in 1989 and was followed by a number of Harleuin Historicals including a USA Today Bestsellin