[Our Canadian Girl Millie 3 The Star Supper] ↠ BOOKS by Troon Harrison – dedelicate.com

Our Canadian Girl Millie 3 The Star Supper ↠ BOOKS by Troon Harrison – dedelicate.com

December 1914 Millie is looking forward to beautiful Victorian Christmas just s usual With her father way fighting in the war she is especially determined to keep holi.

Day traditions live during this time of turmoil Although Christmas will be nything but “as usual” this year With the unexpected The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors arrival of Mollynd Feather s well.

As some new faces everyone has differing opinions on how Christmas should be celebrated Will ll of Millie’s perfect plans be dashed Will this be the worst Christmas eve.

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Troon Harrison is an internationally published award winning author an editor and a ualified teacher Troon writes picture books teen adult cross over novels and junior chapter books She has 24 books published in a range of genres including historical fiction science fiction fantasy and contemporary fiction

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