read book uizmas author Gordon Pape –

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Start a new Christmas tradition with UIZMAS trivia to delight and stump the whole family Ever wonder why we kiss nder the mistletoe Are the lights on the Christmas tree just pretty decorations or

characters izmas author Gordon Pape

O they symbolize something deeper And speaking of Christmas trees where did that idea come from Why would we bring a tree into our homes hang ornaments on it and treat it as the focal point of Chris.

read book izmas author Gordon Pape –

Tmas morning Answers to these Two Steps Forward uestions and hundreds can be found in this delightful andtterly nputdownable collection of fabulous Christmas trivia'Loads of fun the perfect stocking stuffer' Santa.

Gordon is Canada’s best known financial writer He is the author of than 20 books on investing and money management and is the editor and publisher of five financial newsletters His columns on investing appear in several magazines and on major Canadian websites and he is freuently uoted in the media He divides his time between Toronto and his winter home in Fort Myers Beach FloridaGordo