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Knew that going in and normally that would have discouraged me But when she keeps putting books out in the series to higher ratings I can t resist the chance of hitting another novel that would match the intensity of the first twoWell I m happy to report that not only was Skin a good read but I was able to swallow my resentment and warm up to Flea This was no Birdman or The Treatment but it s still Mo Hayder Her pacing in this novel was very good where the alternating storylines made for compulsive readingI just hope that with the next novel Gone she places focus on Caffrey and less or totally eliminate The Walking Man I couldn t care less for him Or the whole African mojojojo story arc for that matterMildly recommended in anticipation of better things to come Oh dear I don t seem to be doing very well with books at the moment I know that I m a fairly harsh critic and I rarely give five stars unless I LOVE a book But this is getting silly Another 1 review Enjoyed the last book I read of Mo s but this wasn t a patch on that Found the start uite gripping but for me it gradually went on a downward spiral Skin immediately proves Mo Hayder to be even ambitious than I thought Not so much the fourth book in the Jack Caffery series as an immediate seuel to the third book Ritual what we have here is a panoramic widescreen mystery told on a huge tapestry The book picks up a week after the end of Ritual and once again stars Caffery and diver Flea Marley only this time it keeps them apart for much of the story as they wrestle with two very different kinds of fallout from the events that occurred in the previous book There s all the usual stuff that makes Hayder s work so compelling a twisted crime at the heart of the plot pitch black humor morally ambiguous protagonists but as I read this one it struck me that one thing Hayder does so well in these last two books is to move the action out of London and into the rural corners of Southwest England between Bath and Bristol It s out here that she s able to plumb some increasingly creepy depths playing with the darkness that lurks in the forests and uarries instead of the urban streets and alleys that are often the setting of contemporary mysteries There s no good reason I can think of why Hayder s work isn t better known in this country A solid 35 stars If ou like a story involving serial murder missing persons gathering and analysis of forensic evidence and the complexities of human relationships particularly those involving family this book is for ou The author takes us scuba diving in a uarry with Flea the female lead character searching for a body in murky water that has been a favorite site for those committing suicide I don t mean to state this lightly But the bodies of two missing women isn t going to be that easy And so begins a tale in which the lives of the missing women will be torn asunder and minutely examined in an attempt to learn where they are and how their lives came to a premature end. Wonder whether their relationship could go beyond the professionalAnd then she finds something that changes everything Not only is it far too close to home for comfort but it's so horrifying that she knows that nothing will ever be the same againAnd that this time no one not even Caffery can help her.

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Uickly as Flea does but pure thriller What Hayder has done in this book is examine her main characters personalities and moral boundaries From earlier books we know what Jack is capable of but he has shown determinedly to prove himself the better man he knows he can be Flea we ve only seen from one side this novel tests her boundaries and between them both Mo Hayder has created two very uniue main character detectives for a police procedural series Are they likable Can they be likable What does it say about the reader if he does like them Personally I did not like Jack the first time I met him in Birdman but I grew to like him uite uickly At this time I do still like both Flea and Jack but with caveats and I must see what the next book brings before I make any final decisions But whether I like them or not as persons I love them as the uniue distinct detective team in Hayder s twisted thrillers with plots that no one else could write Unfortunately there were too many I can t exactly believe this would really happen moments in this book I have enjoyed Hayder s books in the past and given them high ratings but this one didn t deliver as well as her previous books in this series Ever since I discovered Mo Hayder last ear I became uite a fan of her writing especially the books about inspector Caffery They were exciting nervewrecking and gross The last Caffery I ve read Ritual brought a really dark undertone to it all dealing with the African Muti and Tokoloshe I was thrilled to know that all of that would continue in Skin as would Flea Marley returnAlas this turned out to be everything I hoped it wouldn t be A not so great seuelThe plot seems interesting at first judging by the blurb A serial killer who skins animals as well as humans This would become another gross read like Birdman and The Treatment The skinning however is kept to a bare minimum and apart from a dog and a rabbit Laurus you can take that uite literallyThe whole reason behind the skinnin I have been binge reading this series over the last few months and I haveet to find a single fault with itThis installment in the Jack Caffrey crime series is pretty much a continuation of Ritual the previous release It like its predecessor follows not just Detective Inspector Jack Caffrey but Police Diver Flea Marley and their converging story lines The split perspective allows for multiple sub plots to be explored and for the reader to gain a further insight into varying roles and procedures inside the police for Anyone who s read my reviews on Birdman and The Treatment knows I have a soft spot for Mo HayderEven though she let me down in Ritual by veering away from Caffrey s storyline regarding his brother I cannot forget how those first two novels hit me like a bag of bricks In Ritual she introduced a new character Flea and I wasn t keen on her I was much too resentful of where the storyline was going so there was no way she was going to win me overSkin is pretty much a continuation of Ritual Tory someone who hides in the shadows and can slip into houses unseenAnd for the first time in a very long time he feels scaredPolice Diver Flea Marley is working alongside Caffery Having come to terms with the loss of her parents and with the traumas of her past safely behind her she's beginning to.

My least favourite of the Jack Caffery series so far Thus this three stars are in fact two and a half rounded up Skin takes place a few days after the events described in the previous book Ritual It s dark and macabre as a Mo Hayder book it s supposed to be but this time it didn t feel as usualI had some difficulties in getting into the story For me the beginning of this book is a bit too jumbled for my taste and it wasn t easy to follow Again some of my difficulties had to do with police related expressions the author uses to describe different positions in the force or weapons they use everything abbreviated that I don t know what they are supposed to meanThen there was a je ne sais uois in Phoebe Flea Marley s story that made me frown all the time The way she deals with her Silk and Steel younger brother Thom is just Come on The guy doesn t take responsibility for none of his acts and it has to be Flea to come all the time and clean after his mess I can t say I liked Flea that much in this bookAs for Caffery he looks a bit crazy this time Or even crazier since what happened in Ritual has left some kind of trauma and now the man can t stop looking over his shoulder I don t really like him as a character but he was better than Flea in this bookRegarding My mind tended to wander a little while reading this book I think it was partly due to the writing itself There were some paragraphs that I couldn t understand had to re read look up British slang or just move on The writing seemed erratic and disjointed so it confused me a little then later I got the gist This book picks up a week after the previous book Ritual ends and it leaves us with a cliffhanger The book entails Caffery and Flea doing their things suicides murders and one sick doctor I don t really like what either of the protagonists do in this book I hope the next one is better Reason for Reading Next in the series and Mo Hayder is my favourite author in the world at the momentSummary A suicide is found and everything points to case closed though the ex husband does show concern that things don t seem right When another suicide with the same MO shows up Jack Caffery asks to be put on the case as he has found some connections between the two At the same time celebrity rich girl Misty Kitson has simply vanished and police diver Flea Marley has been called in to search a few lakes and a uarry Flea and Jack do not work together in this novel they are off on their own this time Jack s case takes him to a very strange human being and a sick prolific serial killer while Flea is hit out of the blue by a family problem that she must deal with and it is something that will change her life foreverComments First off the mystery story was uite good it did lack Hayder s trademark gruesomeness and weirdness which I ve come to expect but still a strange enough case to be worthy of Hayder s talent Flea s story however is the one that gets the reader s blood thumping Not exactly a mystery as we learn the facts as. When the decomposed body of aoung woman is found by near railway tracks just outside Bristol one hot May morning all indications are that she's committed suicide That's how the police want it too all neatly suared and tidied awayBut DI Jack Caffery is not so sure He is on the trail of someone preda.

Read Pdf Skin AUTHOR Mo Hayder ´ Mo Hayder –

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