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T Loved the sister dynamics and the bookstore management After reading and enjoying O Riley s One Sinful Night I was disappointed by this mediocre storyWhen His Kiss Is Wicked is a historical set in the Victorian period and tells the romance between a eisty bookshop keeper and a marriage minded heir to a maruisate Colette Hamilton has taken over managing the A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, family s bookshop after herather s death six months before the book opens Her Uncle Randall would much prefer she and her sister marry money and abandon the bookshop as he resents that the Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, family is involved in trade Lucien Sinclair the Earl of Waverly meets Colette when he visits the bookshop toind reading material Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue for his invalidather Sparks Mistress fly between theeisty proto Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) feminist and the traditionalist aristocrat and the attraction grows as they run into each other at Society events Lucien however is determined to marry a boring biddable wife no matter how much Colette appeals to himOne of theirst A Ranchers Redemption flaws to smack me in theace is that O Reilly absolutely MANGLES the English peerage She gives an illegitimate son a courtesy title Lord Jeffery Eddington and then mangles it A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby further by referring to him as Lord Eddington There were many other examples but as Eddington was a major secondary character this was the most glaring The lack of basic research made immersing myself in the story rather difficultIn addition she uses modern language and ideas in what is supposed to be a historical I can buy that a woman could run a bookshop but not that she wouldn Hop He's Lucien Sinclair son of an earl and a known rogue uninterested in marriageUnknown to Colette Lucien has begun an urgent searchor a bride so that his ailing ather might see him married before he dies He knows what he wants a plain biddable woman wit.

Sell the business after marriage or that she would expect people to ind her behavior totally acceptable I was rather bruised Her Kind Of Cowboy from being beaten over the head with theeminist overtones I know it s tempting to put modern ideas in play but Colette was a walking anachronismCharacterization was poor as well O Reilly made the mistake of telling rather than showing We re told Eddington is uite charming but she wrote little dialog that let the reader see him as such I saw very little of people s inner workings via POV musings Characters His Pregnant Christmas Princess feltlat and one dimensionalThe plot did a poor job of making me wait I Through the Language Glass freely admit that I am a poor plot prognosticator You show me a mystery and I ll show you a shockedace every time the culprit is revealed Yet I guessed every plot twist before it happened If you can t ool me ay yi yiAs a result of the lat characterization and total lack of tension I was completely bored by this book nearly abandoning it at page 100 Highly disappointing considering how much I enjoyed her earlier book I hope this was merely a speed bump in her career as she s clearly capable of better work Will your past ruin your Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, future Collette is an independent oldest daughter with the weight of all her sisters andrail mother in her shoulders Lucien has had a disaster with love in the past and can t keep his hands off Collette but still doesn t want to marry her but her 4 sisters get involved You Are Not A Gadget for that HEA WHEN HIS KISS IS WICKED Starts out great but the ending seems rushed Very memorable Great characters. Hout the curse of beauty to endanger his heart Yet no matter how he tries Lucieninds himself unable to stay away Sanctuary from Colette And as sinful pleasure lures them ever closer to the edge of ruin the only uestion that matters is whether they can survive theal.

( EBOOK When His Kiss Is Wicked ) ☆ Kaitlin ORiley – dedelicate.com

355I love me a cheesy romance And this was a very satisfying read but there were just something s that made it so I could not give this book Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, five starsFor one I enjoy stories about pretty girls as much as the next girl but when the woman is so unimaginably beautiful that every manlips out I just don t enjoy it as much I like the romance with the wallflower probably because I relate to them better I did however really enjoy Colette s personality Her determination and with was really nice to be paired with jaw dropping good looks I also liked how Lucian s opinion of women working changed I don t often read books where the protagonist is so set in his ideas as Lucian was All in all I thought it was a really nice read It sucked me in and held on until the end So much so that I will devour the rest of the series and the new cousins seriesI have certainly read better One of the best series I ve ever read Rated 35 I would probably say 3 12 The reasons Friendfluence for their not being together were a bit weak But it was theirst in a new series One Part Woman for the author I think thatirsts always suffer We got a lot of background on the other 4 sisters that will be written about I will look Stranger for the next one because the two characters were definitely interesting in theirst one I liked this book than the other reviewers because I liked the characters and their Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis family relationships But yes the titles were mangled and the ages of the characters seemed off the earl was too to have such a reputation I did not like the mother Genevieve one bi. After herather's death Colette Hamilton is left with our sisters an invalid mother and a ailing bookshop The only way she can save the The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, family business is with her unconventional ideasor let her uncle marry her off Asor the handsome stranger in her books.

Kaitlin has always loved books and loved to readAs a young girl growing up on the New Jersey shore yes she is a Jersey Girl she spent hours and hours reading at the beach out on the front porch and in her bedroom very late at night when she was supposed to be sleeping She would walk to the little public library in town and choose books as if they were delicious treats in a candy store She

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