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PN19959J6 G59 199. Ncludes with a crucial comparison of the female reporter on screen and her counterpart in the real world He raises disturbing uestions about thics conduct and gender relations in journalism that Hollywood films have not yet been able to resolve satisfactorily Written boldly Howard Good provides a fresh and xciting look at a classic Hollywood role that supports the possibility that Torchy Blane and other female film reporters and their real world counterparts are the grittiest girls arou.

Pick it up from. Howard Good uses Torchy Blane the hero of nine Warner Brothers films from the 1930s as the centerpiece of this important cultural study of Hollywood's infatuation with the female reporter Good argues that despite illusions of uality between male and female reporters on film many portrayals of female reporters in fact reinforce traditional gender roles Good draws on a variety of cultural materials to deploy his argument Not only does he include close readings of many important films from.

The shelves here. The 1930s through the 1990s but he also presents theater posters press books legal documents comic strips fan magazines and film reviews Other sisters of the female reporter movie role that the book investigates include characters played by Joan Crawford and Katharine Hepburn as well as recent portrayals of women reporters in popular films such as The Paper I Love Trouble and To Die For This book does not just stop its investigation at the portrayal of women as reporters in movies Good co.

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Howard “Howie” Good a journalism professor at the State University of New York at New Paltz is the author of six poetry chapbooks Death of the Frog Prince 2004 Heartland 2007 and Apocalypse Mambo forthcoming from FootHills Publishing; Strangers the e book Police and uestions 2008 from Right Hand Pointing; and the e book Last Words