READ EPUB Beyond Belfast A 560 Mile Journey Across Northern Ireland On Sore Feet –

READ EPUB Beyond Belfast A 560 Mile Journey Across Northern Ireland On Sore Feet –

I guess I should start this review off with a confession I know almost nothing about Irish history Even the recent events And considering how heavily the conflicts are woven into Beyond Belfast this lack put me at a Will in the World disadvantage for following parts of the story I kept wishing for a map and a history book to add background The way that Ferguson weaves the bombings violence and the ingrained bitterness into his walk through Northern Ireland wasn t at all what I was expecting when I picked up this book He originally crosses the pond to shed some light on his grandfather s past but that uickly becomes a subplot It pales in comparison to Northern Ireland s history to their troubles It haunts nearly every step he takes I had no idea how pervasive andeadly the troubles were Beyond Belfast really opened my eyes Speaking of other eye openers Ferguson s own struggle to walk and complete the Ulster Way was not something I think either of us expected In spite of being euipped with the latest maps from a couple June Fourth Elegies different sources Ferguson barely managed to finish the Ulster Way Sections had overgrown were criss crossed by fences and rivers and highways ran through bogs or were so poorly marked they were impossible to follow Now Ferguson goes back eight years later andrives portions of the trail and mentions the Irish government making plans to improve the Ulster Way so perhaps it s better now But reading Ferguson s experience Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes definitelyidn t encourage me to rush out and buy a plane ticket and a backpack This might be one of those adventures that s best experienced from an armchair With a big cup of sun The Confabulist dappled tea I love Will Ferguson s travel memoir writing style but walking the Ulster Way in Northern Ireland mostly involved slogging through rain from one grungy bar to the next No amount of wit could make it feel interesting after 300 pages Gypsysmom lent me this book from her permanent collection and it sounded so good I started reading it almost right away appropriately on St Patrick s Day How As far as travel biographies go this one is better than most I have read Likely because Ferguson uses humour and many Canadian references to keep the writing fresh The country in uestion also kept me interested as I absolutely adore Ireland and could identify with pretty much every situation he experienced while on the Emerald Isle Ferguson has a vast knowledge of Irish history which he is uick to show with hisescription of every town he visits Reading this book took me right back to Ireland where I could see myself Der Illusionist doing everything a In August we went to Florence andid the Uffizi and Galleria Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue dell Accademia in oneay At the beginning of the Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, day there was a lot of awe and joy so much beautiful art to look at By the end of theay it was impossible to avoid thinking ahhhhh not another beautiful painting Too much Beyond Belfast is that feeling in book formI loved Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw and Will Ferguson is no Ask the Past doubt a talented humorist He has won andor been shortlisted for pretty much every Leacock award available to him including for this one which wasn t as funny as I was expecting I honestly wonder if the committee even reads his books any or is just like Will Ferguson entered throw everyone else s entries in the shredder I also love hiking travelogues so I was so excited when I realized this book was a thing And the first few chapters were a joy to read but it uickly got to the point where I stopped understanding why there needed to be nearly 400 pages ofay to ay travel journaling of hiking in Northe. Offbeat charming and filled with humour and insight Beyond Belfast is the story of one man’s misguided attempt at walking the Ulster Way “the longest waymarked trail in the British Isles” It’s a journey that takes Will Ferguson through the small towns and half forgotten vill.

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Tention whatsoever of walking than a few miles on the Ulster Way Canadian humorist Will Ferguson undertook to walk the whole thing in now I can t find a reference to the year but I get the sense it was the fall of around 2005 or 2006 not so many years after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement established a peace that was still rather fraught He works a pretty good political and cultural history of Ulster a bit at a time into the narrative of his long walk and encounters with Ulster folk of all stripes He uickly learns that a single continuous Ulster Way footpath is a fiction a fiction that has since been ispensed with in favor of several highlighted segments and also solves at least partly a mystery about the origins of his Ulster grandfather His writing is funny self Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, deprecating and even poetic while seeming effortless and conversational A great serendipitous find at the Halifax Public Library I thoroughly enjoyed it Highly recommended for armchair travelers and actual travelers to Northern Ireland In Beyond Belfast Will Ferguson recounts his trip around the Ulster Way a longistance hiking trail that roughly follows the perimeter of Northern Ireland It turns out that trail is a bit of a misnomer as the actual path cuts across plenty of private land through various impassable bogs and empties into the middle of highways without much Different Class direction Such is the life I supposeThe journey of course is actually one of the The Troubles It s an exploration by foot of significant sites in the country all too often marred and made notable as being sites of violence or bombings It s an unstable peace that Ferguson finds a peace that offers little comfort orependability and certainly no clear cut solutionsAs a travelogue I found this volume uite enjoyable It s easy reading and a story well told although Short Stories by Roald Dahl don t come looking for action and adventure The pages are full of uneventful strolls strung together with some history trivia and typical hiker complaints And yet Ferguson tells it as a story that keeps you interested through the humanity of it all if not through the action It s pleasurable in the same way that a warm cup of tea on a cold winter say is pleasurable it s not Goldilocks the Three Bears distinct or memorable or riveting but it s friendly and comforting all the sameOne note though When I logged on too this review apparently I had read the book 6 years ago I have no memory of that read so maybe that says something about it This read was certainly enjoyable even if nothing really stood out Original Review May 2013 An enjoyable memoir of Will Ferguson s trip along the Ulster Way in Ireland While it s a fairly hefty read and sometimes plods at foot pace with him it also paints a nuanced picture of the Irish culture nostalgically taking me back to my own time in Belfast It s a land of contrasts clouds and some crazy cultural moments and it s a very human tale of the journey along the way If you re interested in Irish culture or have a thing for hiking meets history it s certainly worth taking a look at I wanted to love this book but it s the first Will Ferguson book that I ve read and have not loved I think that its major weakness was the length and structure The material was interesting and the stories were interesting on their own but I would have preferred fewer anecdotes told in greater epth I idn t need to hear about every single Socialist Realism day of his hike every single village he passed through I really liked the ending when he took time to explore his own family and his history and I wished that he tied this theme to his travels thr. D heartfelt look at one of the most misunderstood corners of the world As the grandson of a Belfast orphan Will also peels back the myths and realities of his own family history a mysterious photograph rumours of a lost inheritance The truth when it comes is both surprising and funn.

Rn Ireland Ahhhh not another charming I Look Up To... Michelle Obama description of the seaside Too muchI learned a lot about Northern Ireland and this was aecent bedtime book a feel good story that sits on your nightstand but is not exciting enough to keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning I only read a few pages at a time and thus because of the sheer length of the book it took me months to finish I was pretty glad to be Doctor Extraño done it I probably wouldn t recommend it unless you ve spent a lot of time in Northern Ireland This book would have been effective as a couple of long form magazine articles in my opinion I met Will Ferguson a couple of weeks ago at an Author s event He is a funny and talented writer I ve read a number of his books and thoroughly enjoyed each one They are all soifferent from each other This is travel book in which he takes the reader along with him as he walks The Ulster Way in Northern IrelandEven though a visit to Ireland is on my bucket list the constant rain and soggy conditions certainly put a amper on my excitement to make that visitThis is a travel book much like Bill Bryson s books but Ferguson has his own brand of wit and humour ispersed in his account of this 560 mile trek across Northern Ireland on the Ulster Way I thought he had a good balance in his writing of the rich and troublesome history of Ireland and his own commentary on the local people and the hard to Never Tell decipher English language they speak and telling us about some of the afflictions he suffered while walking thisistance at times I laughed out loudTo uote Ferguson in summing up his experience he says I think the people who Feminism is for Everybody designed The Ulster Way were so enamoured of the idea of one continuous unbroken circuit that they tried to force everything into a single route even when itidn t fit and yet in spite of the scabies and the food poisoning and the endless soul numbing planted forests and the near Deterring Democracy death highway encounters in spite of all that I thought of the rolling hills undulating landscapes the unspoiled beaches the scenic valleys the windswept heights To walk Ulsteryes absolutely To walk the Ulster Way That s a harder uestion to answer I have read than a few travel books and I have loved several They must all now moveown a notch Beyond Belfast is the best and very easy to rate five star It is funny original and I loved every page I started marking off interesting or amusing phrases but gave up as there were just too many Many times I stopped reading smiled shook my head and asked how Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, did he come up with thatescription I am sure I could open it up at any page and find something that would please me to read over againIt took a long time to read because I could not finish two pages before there was something to Google and I would be off on a hunt for photos This is not for lack of Hunters Heart description uite the opposite Places are so wellescribed that it was like teasing me I could not be satisfied with just imagining I had to see for myself I actually tried to stay away from the internet for just one reading session got all comfy in bed with no connection anywhere near to hand and found myself ripping up my bookmark to keep the pages of things to look up the next Menneskefluene (K2 day I am morally opposed to foldingown page corners So I gave up trying and allowed myself the time I needed to really savor this beauty of a bookWill Ferguson has a wonderful way of viewing the word and then escribing it to us More of this please This was just what I was looking to read in anticipation of a trip to Northern Ireland though I have no in. Ages of Northern Ireland along rugged coastlines and across barren moorland heights past crumbling castles and patchwork farmsFrom IRA pubs to Protestant marches from bandits and bad weather to banshees and blood sausage he wades into the thick of things providing an affectionate an.

Will Ferguson is an award winning travel writer and novelist His last work of fiction 419 won the Scotiabank Giller Prize He has won the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour a record tying three times and has been nominated for both the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and a Commonwealth Writers’ Prize His new novel The Shoe on the Roof will be released October 17 2017 Visit him at WillFergusonca