BOOK KINDLE Island Conuest author Brooke Hastings –

This whole novel was frustrating to the MAX He d command she s argue and then she d fall in line She never really stuck it to him at all He didn t have to earn anything This novel totally failed me I mean basically he was a demanding asshat taking advantage of an inexperience. SEVEN YEARS STOOD BETWEEN THEMSeven years since Lani's love for her aristocratic stepbrother Daniel had turned to anger and cold dislikeNow he was back to steal away the small br.

BOOK KINDLE Island Conuest author Brooke Hastings –

Book but Ick Factor comes to mind it s probably 1 on the negatives list 2 is worst alpha hero he wasn t alpha he was blunt dictatorial and judgmental In case anyone plans to read this one I won t disclose The Big Ick Factor this book is hiding You probably wouldn t believe me. Niel teased her with kisses and scorched her with anger tempted her with promised delights and sent her away with mocking smilesWhy had he brought her here only to drive her away.

D irl I m just GRRRR lol The hero wasn t really redeeming at all just a creep that almost raped his step sister when he couldn t The Opposite Shore get his way He was like a little boy having a temper tantrum Some books stand the test of time not this one I can t list all the negatives of the. Other she had raised Heave her an ultimatum accompany them to Hawaii or lose her only remaining familyShe went to Hawaii but nothing had prepared her for what she would face Da.

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