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What made her stand head and shoulders above all the other inspirational writers It s like a literary Amy Grant who started out with Jehovah and El Shaddai and watered down to Baby Baby and House of Love The difference was ASTOUNDINGSo I backed up to the beginning and prayed that there would be of the early meaty GOOD stuff by Springer and Praise Ha Shem she had other REALLY REALLY good ones out there sigh of reliefuinn had a rough upbringing He got out made something of himself and then everything went to hell in a handbasket on him Until the day he got a call from the hotel mogul Alex Porter who wants him to take a ob as bodyguard for Alex s sister Who ust happens to have found the Lord left the city and was in uinn s town trying to renovate a bankrupt Bible camp into a bed and breakfast But the thing is uinn isn t allowed to tell Abby that he s been hired by Alex She hates her brother s overbearing ways so uinn is to pose as the handyman she so desperately needsWhat uinn gets though is redemption With the town with the Lord and after Abby finds out what s really going on with her as well It WAS FANTASTIC No platitudes real faith lived out even some backbone against the Church Growth Movement Springer obviously later embracedStill This book I m buying it It was phenomenal LOVED the chapel in the woods the dog friendship the fishing fiasco Abby s how to books loved everything about this Definitely worth reading Now on to the next one. He belongs Yet the closer he gets to sweet Abby the he wants to tell her all his secrets Including his desire to build a life with her on Mirror Lake forever.

It was over before I knew it I m excited to read the other books in the series Very good book Great storyline and very Christian based This line of books always have a simple romance and a gentle Christian message Not a lot of depth but an easy read Enjoyed the main characters in this one This book is the first in a series and introduced the readers to several characters that will probably have their own book before the series is done I received this book via two friends one of whom sent it on to me when they were done with it Mirror Lake area sounds like a peaceful place to live or at least to visit The idea of missionaries Lydia and Simon having met at the Bible Camp that was there before Abby bought the property and wanting to renew their vows there was an interesting twist even if they weren t a big part of the storyIn the early part of the book it is hinted that both uinn and Abby have some part of their past lives that was a bit traumatic We do eventually find out what those are but for a while it was a bit annoying to me to have it hinted at but not know the why behind the hintsI admire Abby wanting to go out on her own especially after her brother keeps refusing to let her have a bigger part in the management of the hotels I do give her credit for stepping out on faith and working toward something she wants I like that Abby s willing to give second chances Instead of listening to town gossip she s willing to udge each person. Who Is uinn O'HalloranWell he's not exactly who he tells Abby Porter he is Sure he's the carpenter who'll help turn her run down lodge into a charming inn But.

Based on how they present to her particularly in the cases of Cody Lang and uinnIn one sense I can understand her brother s caution and wanting to protect her even if he does overdo it Since someone was after him I can see him worrying that the problem might spread to his sister But in other areas he seems to want to keep Abby caught in the aftermath of the abduction when she was six years old rather than seeing that she has grown up If you analyze the plot behind the likable characters it s easy to see that it s a well used plot in the romance genre where the two main love interests assume things rather than talking to each other about what they re feeling etc which prolongs the story Absolutely gorgeous I loved every single minute spent reading this novel Thank you Kathryn Springer for giving me such a good time Felt the chemistry was pretty good between the couple It was OK Nothing spectacular I won t finish the series Ebook Wonderful story about second chances She needs to prove herself to her brother and herself He needs to prove himself to others and himself God puts them together and they are whole Enjoyed the story It flowed well and was easy to read Well written Christian romance I read Springer s debut book Tested by Fire and absolutely loved it So I ran out and got six of them from the library Next I read Soldier s Newfound Family one of her latest books It Blew Goats Somewhere between her debut and today she totally lost. What he can't tell her is that her worried brother hired him to secretly watch over her After two weeks he'll finally be able to return to his old life where.

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BOOK READ A Place to Call Home AUTHOR Kathryn Springer –

Kathryn Springer winner of the 2007 Write Touch Reader’s Award long contemporary grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin where her parents published a weekly newspaper As a child she spent many hours sitting at her mother’s typewriter plunking out stories and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of books – which eventually turned into a desire to tell stories of her own