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online epub Viscount Vagabond –

O and enjoyed another of Ms Chase s earlier books Knave s Wager which is full of her trademark dry wit and humour with sparkling dialogue and terrific chemistry between the two leads I had hoped for of the same with Viscount Vagabond but while it started well it never ite lived p to its early promise Max is a terrific hero witty charming and self deprecating with a bit of depth to him but Catherine is a little too close to being TSTL at times and the chemistry that sparked between them at the outset seemed to fizzle out somewhere along the wayIn terms of the narration it must have been a daunting task for Stevie Zimmerman to narrate these early Loretta Chase titles in the wake of Kate Reading s stupendous performance of Lord of Scoundrels which was the first of Ms Chase s books to make it into audio format I hadn t listened to Ms Zimmerman before Knave s Wager but she did an excellent job in that audio and her performance in Viscount Vagabond is eually good Her voice is pleasant and well modulated sitting in what I d call the higher end of the mezzo range I d put Rosalyn Landor and Kate Reading in the contralto category if that helps for comparison and she narrates clearly at a good pace and with a good deal of expression She differentiates well between all the characters adopting a slightly lower pitch and harder edge for most of the male characters and applying a variety of timbres in order to distinguish them from one another such as the npleasant gruffness she gives Lord Browdie Catherine s erstwhile suitor Ms Zimmerman also makes good Shotgun Bride use of regional accents for characters such as the madam the modiste and the young lad JemmyI have to once again express my concern over the soundality because the whole thing sounds somewhat tinny and treble heavy Both of the titles published The Long Road Home under Loretta Chekani have had similar issuesI wouldn t say that the less than stellar soundality spoiled the audiobook on this occasion and in fact Ms Zimmerman s engaging performance increased my enjoyment overall While I can t count Viscount Vagabond among my favorite Loretta Chase titles it certainly isn t an The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, unpleasant way to while away a few hours So here s the thing I was SO excited for this book and was SO happy when it poppedp as a freebie on but now that I ve read it I m SO disappointed I m not The Greek Tycoons Revenge uite sure what to make of it and feel as though it could get any rating between one and four stars I liked it but it was boring the characters were fun butnmemorable the plot exciting but redundant the setting interesting but not well described the romance cute but predictable the chemistry sizzling but why the hell were the two main characters so dead set against each otherThe prose lacked polish and refinement the plot needed structure and the characters needed a better development The only one I really liked was the hero s friend Jack Langdon and apparently he gets his own book in The Devil s Delilah but whether or not I ll read that one is still ndecided I found Viscount Vagabond to be not at all the sort of novel I really wish to spend time on Although it was a clean read I got tired of all the brothels harlots mistresses and drunkenness And yes I know I love rakes but Viscount Rand was so immature reckless and downright depraved without getting a proper redemption that would compensate for it all that he only stirred in me but the faintest of interests The lifts izzing glass to one eye for a fraction of second kind of interestI realize that not every book can be as wonderful as Georgette Heyer s Frederica which I just finished but I was expecting way of Viscount Vagabond than mere bored The Queens Choice uizzing glass lifting la Maruis of AlverstokeMe and my expectations sometimes sigh A sweet funny story about a rough spare turned heir and a scampered from home miss who have a meet cute at the mostnlikely of places a brothelThe H rescues her from there and then proceeds on to rescue her various times through the book while she fights him to her puny best She turns out to be a relation of his brother in law who along with the H s sister take her The Cowboy Wants a Wife! under their wings and decide to launch her The H encourages and helps her in this endeavor of looking for a husband while deciding that he too should settle on a suitable deb himself All through they feel but resist the disturbing butnworkable attraction he thinking her too scrawny and opinionated while she thinks him too dissolute a characterMeanwhile the villains hover around in the periphery threatening to ruin her reputation making these two team To Defy a Sheikh up and cookp some barely successful schemes aided by valets and street The Highlander and the Wolf Princess (Legend of the Faol, urchinsBoth the mcs are thoroughly likable Him as the rough barely respectable viscount with a heart of gold and her as the highly vocal and willful blue stocking who could do with a filter or twoThe last hea scenes were just so awwwly endearing Loved it Catherine wakesp from a drugged sleep to find herself scantily clad and in a brothel with a drunk nobleman just about to take advanta. N her supposed rescue by a kindly old woman stranded Catherine in a bordello where the handsome Viscount Rand was intent on sampling her wares A dire predicament indeed especially when the dashing aristocrat decided to assume full responsibil.

I didn t know what to expect from this book I hadn t read a Loretta Chase novel in a long time but this one popped Whiteout (Threes Allowed, up as a freebie so I nabbed it So glad I did because this was just what I needed Written in the style of Georgette Heyer these characters are constantly mystified by their own actions as they tumble from situation to situation It starts in a brothel where Max AKA Lord Rand meets Catherine Pelliston recently drugged and abducted to become a nasty old madam s prostitute She implores a very drunken Max to save her and he does not really knowing why since he s skeptical of her crazy story in the first placeIt s found myself smiling and laughing a lot It s a sweet story with likable characters even when they re acting like numbskulls and a very nicepbeat read There are no explicit sex scenes although their chemistry is steamy enough at moments Apparently this book was originally published in 1990 It s got an old fashioned feel and fits nicely between Heyer style regency and romance I ve given this a B for narration and a C for content at AAROriginally published in 1990 Viscount Vagabond is one of Loretta Chase s earliest historical romances and one which has only recently come to audio along with a handful of other titles such as Isabella The English Witch and Knave s Wager It s a lighthearted and often humorous romp that tells the story of a mismatched couple who are so convinced of their The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, unsuitability for each other that they fail to see what s rightnder their noses The eponymous hero is Max Demowery Viscount Rand who never expected to inherit wealth or title and in fact never wanted to Breaking the Governesss Rules until the death of his elder brother changed things irrevocably Max knows that at some point he will have to do his duty but he asks his father for six months grace six months in which he can go off and do exactly as he pleases At the end of that period he will return to the fold ready to settle down find the right young woman to marry and become a model viscount On his last night of freedom he decides to go out with a bang so to speak gets roaring drunk and then sets about getting laid Catherine Pelliston is fleeing an arranged marriage with one of her father snpleasant cronies when she s offered help by a kindly motherly woman who then drugs and abducts her with the intention of putting her to work in her brothel Catherine s first client is an incredibly handsome young man who is clearly very very drunk but he s her only chance of escape and she implores him to help herEven though he s than three sheets to the wind Max is surprised when the young woman procured for him shows no interest in getting down to business After a few minutes however Max begins he thinks to see the light the girl likes playing games Oh all right I ll chase you if you like He started to get The Christmas Children (The Mellow Years up changed his mind and slumped back against the pillow in a half recumbent position Only it s such a botherBut gradually his drink addled brain starts to see that the young woman is truly frightened and completely serious about having been brought to the brothel against her will so he helps her to escape and takes her back to his seedy lodgings for the night Believing her saviour to be a slovenly man and habitual drunkard Catherine is rather surprised when the next morning he takes her to meet his sister the Countess of Andover And she s shocked even further when he turns out to be a viscount and heir to an earldom It s not long before Catherine is discovered to be a distant relation of the Andovers and the countess decides to take hernder her wing and bring her out But before Catherine can be advised of this she s decided that her tattered reputation not only was she discovered in a brothel but she spent the night in a man s lodgings without a chaperone will only bring disrepute down Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion upon her new friends so she skips off to make her own way in the world and finds work as a seamstressIn the short time she spends with the Andovers Catherine and Max are striking sparks off each other and trying to deny their attraction He finds her to be rather preachy and sanctimonious and she believes him to be an inveterate sot yet in spite of that they re reluctantly fascinated by each other So what can Max do when Catherine bolts but track her down and bring her back Both characters are rather endearing Max is an absolute sweetie and even Catherine s self righteousness is written in such a way as to make the listenernderstand that she s not so much a killjoy as a sheltered young woman who needs to gain a little experience and develop some maturity of outlook Max delights in very gently pulling her leg and making fun of her priggish pronouncements and this is done in a way that doesn t belittle her but instead comes across as affectionate and concernedThe pair continues to bicker their way through various silly and improbable situations and it s all deftly written and rather charming but when I got to the end I couldn t help but feel a little disappointed I recently listened FROM DISTRESS TO DISASTERCatherine Pelliston simply would not abide by her father's wishes and marry the slovenly Lord Browdie But her escape through the streets of London only seemed to lead her from bad to worse First she was robbed And the.

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Ge of her With some difficulty she convinces Max that she s really virtuous and that he needs to save her from the brothel He eventually does after cracking a couple of bouncers heads together and paying off the madam Unfortunately someone at the brothel has stolen Catherine s peach muslin dress an incriminating piece of evidence about an adventure Catherine and Max would much rather Polite Society knew nothing about To make matters difficult the two of them can t figure out whether they love or can t stand each otherFrankly this is my least favorite of the six traditional in other words or less clean with no sex scenes but some steamy make out scenes Regency novels Loretta Chase wrote before she segued into writing spicier historical romances The plot is kind of contrived I know it s really hard to believe that a Regency romance could have a contrived plot but stick with me here and the characters are on the forgettable side I actually liked the seuel to this book The Devil s Delilah much betterBut any Loretta Chase book is still worth reading if only for the wit and humor It contains delightful exchanges like this oneI m very stubborn and ill behavedYes No wonder I love you soThere was only one possible conclusion to this sort of intellectual exchange Lord Rand tightened his clasp and kissed his darling thoroughly and repeatedly The Firefighters Christmas Reunion until they were both in a highly agitated state not at all conducive to abstract reasoningSince I ve had people ask me Chase s other four traditional Regencies areThe Sandalwood PrincessKnave s WagerIsabellaThe English WitchThey re lightweight Regency romances but I enjoyed them all much than your standard RR and the Kindle price is good 299 each It was early days for Loretta Chase but her writing is witty and shows flashes of brilliance maybe not so much in this one but in several of the others listed above I thoroughly enjoyed the first two thirds of this book Catherine is a delight and Max is mostly dreamy with a side of hopelessly awkward which was endearing for a whileChase has a good feel for the modern version of the regency a 45 This is another wonderful novel from LC The hero is cut from the same cloth as dissolute duke in The Last Hellion and has a wonderful counterpoint in the petite pain in the ass he discovers at a bawdy house Her priggishness convinces him of her plight and he saves her several times Slowly but surely his sense of gentlemanly obligation to marry her to save her from ruin turns to a rampaging desire to marry her She isietly gallant and witty Swinish villains and a plucky cockney brat round out the plot nicely A satisfying and fun read Not as brilliantly witty as Lord of Scoundrels or Knave s Wager but better than the vast majority of stories written today This early 1988 Loretta Chase Regency romance is lots of fun Despite the heroine s travails after running away from home the overall tone remains light The heroine is an appropriately priggish bluestocking and the hero an appropriately dissolute young viscount But The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey underneath their stereotypical exteriors are two perfectly matched loversIf you are a fan of historical romance everything that happens here is something you have already read in another book In the eminently capable hand of Loretta Chase however it all sounds fresh and exciting Even at this early stage of her career her genius was discernibleI highly recommend this if you re looking for a well written funny sweetly clean historical romance Written January 26 20153 12 Stars An amusing fun historical trifleThis HR was a freebie kindlebook a couple of weeks ago and when I saw I could get the audiobook as well for just like nothing 229 I downloaded them both view spoiler approximately 220 pages or 724 audiobooks hours very pleasant narrated by Stevie Zimmerman hide spoiler 35 noble starsLoretta Chase is one of my favorite historical romance authors She writes complex characters who become real people and whose stories I adore reading Viscount Vagabond is a funniue story and I enjoyed it very muchBlurb FROM DISTRESS TO DISASTERCatherine Pelliston simply would not abide by her father s wishes and marry the slovenly Lord Browdie But her escape through the streets of London only seemed to lead her from bad to worse First she was robbed And then her supposed rescue by a kindly old woman stranded Catherine in a bordello where the handsome Viscount Rand was intent on sampling her wares A dire predicament indeed especially when the dashing aristocrat decided to assume full responsibility for the ravishing runaway by taking her The Amish Midwife (Lancaster Courtships, uite against her will into his home But little did Catherine know that her struggle to preserve her virtue had inflamed the debauched gadabout s heart and might well net her a husband worth desiringMy thoughtsThis is definitely an entertaining story but I ll be honest I knew without looking that this must have been one of her earlier works It was good not great entertaining but notnputdownable That said I m hoping to read of the series soo. Ity for the ravishing runaway by taking her ite against her will into his home But little did Catherine know that her struggle to preserve her virtue had inflamed the debauched gadabout's heart and might well net her a husband worth desiring.

Loretta Lynda Chekani was born in 1949 of Albanian ancestry For her the trouble started when she learned to write in first grade Before then she had been making up her own stories but now she knew how to write them down to share In her teenage years she continue to write letters keep a journal write poetry and even attempt the Great American Novel still unfinished She attended New Engl