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Think Thornton Wilder s Our Town as a comic As many others have noted Clowes enters Sherwood Anderson territory here in this multi narrative exploration of the woebegone citizens of Ice Haven While there are some piercing moments here the last three pages in particular this is also pretty well traveled ground the sad lives of mundane middle Americans although the Leopold and Loeb motif is a dark wrinkle I was most intrigued by the piece s formal elements the novel told I don t think I have it in me to review anything by Daniel Clowes It s always a fabulous surreal and every other emotion experience to read his works The same goes for Ice Haven. Welcome to Ice Haven “It’s not as cold here as it sounds” declares Random Wilder our reluctant guide to this sleepy Midwestern town He’s also its would be poet laureate Would be that is were it not for the “florid banalities” of his archrival Ida Wentz pub­lished ad na.

I liked it less than I did Ghost World or Death Ray but it has its distinct charms each so well put on paper that the reader can t help but be in awe of Clowes genius One estion why is the font so small Presented as a series of Sunday comics style vignettes this interconnected story of kidnapping The Life of Corgnelius and Stumphrey unreuited love art and the psycho sexual drama in Small Town America is WAY complex and thought provoking than its short 81 pages would lead you to believe A dark portrait of suburban ennui that posesestions than it answers while still feeling satisfying by the end It had me enraptured the entire time Over a couple weeks in the summer of 2005 I1 i. Useam in the Ice Haven Daily Progress Among Wilder’s other fellow Ice Havians are the love­lorn Violet Vanderplazt and Vida Wentz; the adorable interracial moppets Carmichael and Paula; the Blue Bunny newly sprung from prison and the bitterest rabbit in town; and poor little Dav.

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( READ Ice Haven ) AUTHOR Daniel Clowes – dedelicate.com

T my job2 Bought this book3 Went on vacation to the Jersey Shore with my friend4 Read this book on the beach enjoyed it5 Came home and returned this book to Barnes Noble because I was nemployed and needed the money backIt was kind of a great timeThe BN Lending Library I called it It s okay because they re hardcoverThis was not the only time that I did such a thing and it s not that this is an ethically wonderful idea that I would recommend But if what you really feel you ve got to do is take that brand new book on vacation and you ve got bigger problems with no health insurance or credit card I would say that well have a great time It s hardcove. Id Goldberg miss­ing for than a week now The lives of the men and women of Ice Haven are woven into a multilayered tale that while it owes a debt to Our Town is The Greeks Acquisition ultimately based on and inspired by Leopold and Loeb No kidding Only Daniel Clowes could do it and luckily fors he has.

Daniel Gillespie Clowes is an Academy Award nominated American author screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative comic books Most of Clowes' work appears first in his anthology Eightball 1989 2004 a collection of self contained narratives and serialized graphic novels Several of these narratives have been collected published separately as graphic novels most notably Ghost World With filmma

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