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Ssortment of philosophers Iris Murdoch anyone. Hey all to a greater or lesser egree are concerned with the issue of human transcendence the 'immortal longings' of the title The ramifications of his study are extensive even if philosophy is not at bottom theology as von Balthasar once claimed the theological preconceptions in much modern philosophy would seem to eserve considerably attention that they have received hitherto.

characters Immortal Longings Versions of Transcending Humanity

PDF EBOOK Immortal Longings Versions of Transcending Humanity – edelicate.com

Pretty unremarkable attempt at excavating the. For all its thoroughly secular form religious motifs play a much significant part in a good Anthropology as Cultural Critique deal of recent philosophy than might at first appear Fergus Kerr's study – which iserived from his highly regarded Stanton lectures Anyone delivered in the University of Cambridge in 19945 focuses on the or less obvious theological commitments of several muchiscussed contemporary philosoph.

Theological commitments of a or less random Ers By so oing the author aringly extends the agenda of what is usually considered to be 'philosophy of religion' Examining in turn Martha Nussbaum Martin Heidegger Iris Murdoch Luce Irigaray Stanley Cavell and Charles Taylor and reading their respective stories in the light of Karl Barth's notion that 'transcending our humanity only makes us human than ever' Kerr shows that

Fergus Kerr OP is a Dominican friar theologian and philosopher known primarily for his work on Thomas Auinas and Ludwig Wittgenstein