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My opinion for what it s worthexactly With the exception of Micah I ve read the entire Anita Blake series up to this point Blood Noir 16 and in the aforementioned opinion Obsidian Butterfly was the last decent book after which the series should ave been renamed Anita Blake Vampire Humper since the majority of what little action takes place occurs in the bedroom the back seat of automobiles on the kitchen table the bathroom flooretc etc etc Beginning with Narcissus In Chains gone are the days when Anita spends Step Out of Your Story her time raising the dead kicking monster butt and slaying rogue vampires with threat to life and limb Instead we re treated toer increasingly freuent sexcapades watching as she dips The Eyes of the Dead her toes and other body parts into the murky waters of BDSM and pseudo beastility I mean really what else do you call sex with a partially transitioned werecreature and we re not talking gender issuesere but rather Does it or doesn t it Rules for a Lady have fur and a tail tedious repetitions ofer ambivalent and animosity laden encounters with Richard He loves me Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles he loves me not He loves me He s full of snot and long discourses regarding monster and especially vampire sociopolitical structures Call me provincial call me shallow and two dimensional call me Al or some other A word but when I pick up a book about a vampireunter I anticipate wellvampire ABC hunting or something of its ilk not a weird blend of Penthouse Letters teen diary and Royal court treatise It s too bad cause Anita Blake was pretty kick ass back when she was kickin ass Anita Blake is spending some much needed time wither friend Veronica Ronnie Sims when she gets a call Apparently submissive Nathaniel went to the club Narcissus in Chains and got into some BIG TIME trouble Against the wishes of Ronnie Anita calls Jean Claude to give Odd Man In her an assist At the club she reunites wither other lover Richard From there BIG changes Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale happenNOTE For some odd reason the only audiobook version I could find is the abridgement So I m sure there are tons of nuances and scenes I ve missedIf you gave me this book with no cover no indication that this was part of the Anita Blake series I probably wouldave thought this was part of a spin off series or fanfiction or some crazy What If book so little connection does it Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children have with any of the previous books I ve been very open that Iave never been a Carlyle Marney huge fan of this series it sad many faults the number one being Anita Blake Shameful herself another being the misogynistic view of women another being pacing writing etc But this book is so completely different I am at a loss for words to describeow DIFFERENT it isEver since Anita slept with Jean Claude in The Killing Dance sexuality as been increasing in the series A couple of sex scenes lots discussions of BDSM weird sexual acts and of course a earty Sacred Landscapes helping of rape Andonestly I really didn t mind it well minus the rape part Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, honestly you don t need rape to make things Serious Business The series was kinda moving in that direction and after all those books of dancing around the sex issue we really needed some bedroom action if you catch my driftBut thisthis is just one long sex scene I mean Anitaas sex at least THREE TIMES in this book That doesn t include Gold Rush her makeout session with Jean Claude and Richard at the beginning of the book nor all the mentions of the ardeur The previous books mightave ONE sex scene if you were really looking Here You Girl Reporter have to tryard NOT to find the sexBut the amount of sex isn t even the real problem the real problem is the lack of a STORY Now I realize I listened to an abridgement so I m missing story details but Hunted halfway through the book there WAS no story no plot And then at the 34 mark LKH realized that she needed to toss one in for kicks so we get a showdown with Anita and Chimera Even with all my complaints to the previous books mostly about Anita wasting time arguing with people at least the previous books HAD a plot HAD a story and a focus HAD something they were building to Here It was just about the sex And the thing is the sex isn t sexy it s over the top extravagant silly sex That is when we aren t talking about rape Because LKH Rule 31 Great way to tell people who the bad guy is is toave Gingerbread Heart him rape or talk about liking rape I enjoy rape Adds spice I can t complain too much about LKH s fetish for over describing clothes but I attribute that one to the abridgment thaner toning it down Because we still get gems likeHe was dressed in a black vinyl shirt that looked poured onandKnee igh leather boots completed is outfitI didn t find Anita so btchy and unlikable Biz Talk-2 here but again gotta wonderow much got cut out in the abridgment Does Anita really tone back on the pssing contests with everyone and Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, his mother or did that end up on the cutting room floor As for the notorious ardeur thing on oneand the previous books set it up On the other it just sounds like an excuse so that Anita can A Historical Atlas of Tibet have as much sex as she wants and not be considered a slut Which if Anita wants toave sex she shouldn t need some gorram ardeur to make The Last Awakening (Curse of the Phoenix, her not a slut And if the ardeur is supposed to makeer comfortable with Italian Warships Of World War II having sex why is every sex session like pulling teeth one where she is constantly protesting itAnd what theell is up with Anita s obsession with andshakesShe offered me a and and gave me one of the best Critical Social Theory and the End of Work handshakes I ve everad from another womanThe other characters are meh Nathaniel makes me want to break something The Traps he is not a submissivee is a doormat Micah needs to learn that No means no and that when a woman doesn t want sex Simple Wicca he needs to back the frak off Jean Claude was barely present Richard was grouchy the entire time Ronnieas resorted to being one note angry that Anita is dating Jean Claude No sign of Larry Anita s daytime job or a woman that isn t easily pushed around by the rapey men in this seriesBy far the most Protect Your Purity hilarious part of the book is the God Awful writing LKHas NEVER been the best writer in the world but she is at Theatre Histories her absolute worstere Did an editor even SEE this book Or did it go directly to publishing once LKH Waterloo had finished typingTake a peek at some of these and you tell meHis eyesad gone drowning blue What color is that exactlyHe kissed me Yobo hard enough to bruiseard enough to force my mouth open then The Last Runaway he crawled inside It s Aliens uick get Sigourney WeaverThe POWAH didn t just build it exploded It was like lying at ground zero of a nuclear explosion the shockwaves shooting out out out into the room while we melted together in the center Aren t similes typically supposed to compare something less tangible with something tangible Now answer this uestiononestly Anita How many nuclear explosions Sanctuary (The New World Series, have YOU been throughHe literally breathed bit ate theealing into me I literally ave a ard time believing you understand Lion Boy Trilogy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy (Books 1, 2 and 3) ((Book 1), Lion Boy: The Chase (Book 2) and Lion Boy: The Truth (Book 3)) how to use the word literallySomeone was making small animal noisesand it was me If you can t tell you are making noises you might want to see someone for thatIt deepened my breathing made meave to swallow my pulse This sounds painfulI found my voice shaky but mine Good thing we d Data Interpretation Questions And Case Histories hate toave you be silent for the rest of the series We got lots cop pssing matches to get intoI drank Inside the Hornets Head him in ase exploded inside. Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 10 0515133876Six months of celibacy Imagination According to Humphrey (According to Humphrey have made Anita crave the two men iner life like.

Summary Narcissus in Chains Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #10

Read Ebook Narcissus in Chains Anita Blake Vampire Hunter #10 –

An servant thing I was fascinated with the werewolf added into the fray thing talk about a messy love life I thought that Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales her powers increasing was fine theyad to if she was Oh. My. Gods. (Oh. My. Gods., hanging around the kinds of monsters that were iner coterie The twist with Phoebe’s Fair Valentine (Oh. My. Gods., her being able toave a vampire servant bound to The Ground beneath her Feet her was a nice oneafter aller power is to control the dead and what are vampires but dead But it was never enough It got to the point that every man who crossed Killer Pancake / The Cereal Murders her path fell madly in love lust or slack jawed admiration ofer whether Lo Que la Reina Quiere (Sexys Cuentos de Hadas Al Revés nº 1) he wasuman vampire werewolf psychopath you name it She was a walking Love Potion Number 9 The only men who could withstand William Gibson her powers of attraction were men who were such small side characters that they didn t matter Ander powers just kept getting bigger First she s an animator and can raise the deadwith some effort and a careful ritual and specific tools Then she doesn t need much effort then she doesn t need any tools at all then she becomes a necromancer able to call ALL the dead Then she becomes the werewolf s female leader then the were leopards female leader although she s not forced to do any changing with the full moon nastiness It gets to the point that you figure when she meets God she ll just absorb all Nancy Drake his powers too Is there any power she DOESN Tave Because if not I can guarantee she ll ave it eventually although I will not still be reading this series by the time she ascends to divinityAnd as the sex increases the plot decreases I ave nothing against soft core porn I really don t I read my fair share of it and enjoy it But if I pick up a book to read a mystery or some fantasy and get doused with a couple Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, hundred pages of fellatio before the plot even begins I m not reading what I picked the book up to readThis book marks a major turning point in the series for me Up until this book the series was still a good one despite the loss of the female detective angle aser social life becomes the focus of the plots rather than solving a mystery But this book crosses over the line and from Kicking It (Alex Craft, here you need to grit your teeth to keep going with the rest of the series This book is the beginning the core foundation of everything to come All of the books prior to this one were filled with death gruesome and violentomicide scenes bestial pornographic rape scenes to unuestionable love Totally weird stuff but worth every minute of couch time This book takes the entire series and swings it into a completely different direction This book really rocks the boat and takes you by surprise The once innocent and strictly moral and you must be in love to ave sex Blake is torn from those lines of thoughts and thrown into the deep end Everything changes This book was a startling shock the first time around This time I was expecting the twists and turns and appreciated every moment of Micah and Nathaniel My two favorite sweeties I still don t like Richard To ell with Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose him Jean Claude gets on my nervese s become even secretive cryptic and manipulative A power The Donovan Legacy (Donovans hungry master vampire one third of the triumviratee plays puppet master to Anita and Richard and really screws with everyone s reality Narcissus is an interesting character He is the owner of a BDSM club and although Breaking Down (The Garage, he usually tops Asher makesim pant with anticipation Weird but fun He gave a small bow of is ead Now enter and enjoy the delights and the terrors of my world Anita s confusion and fear of love as usual leaves er cynical and stubborn If it works out it s the best thing in the world If it doesn t work out it s like aving your Passionate Kisses Boxed Set heart torn out and chopped into little pieces while you watch It leaves a bigollow space that never really Destiny and Power heals Sucked into a war between different animal groups Blake findserself betrayed by a new love My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, her body in shock from the bloodshed and trusting new bodyguards ater back I pressed the barrel of the Uzi against the top of the The Café Book head If you re alive don t move if you re dead don t worry about it Hehe I think she rocks I recommend this book to every adult Sometimes it s nice to spice up your brain fall into a world that is unacceptable and continue reading until you re beatingeart pounds in your chest This book is twisted filled with extreme violence and moderate to semi extreme sexual scenes In depth description of alternative lifestyles and conseuences to an addiction Blake gains from the married marks Do not let any child or immature adult read this book or ANY book in the series that follows Happy Reading And onto Cerulean Sins I go toot toot Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah You know who I m thinking of Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, here Marion Zimmer Bradley That is not a compliment Talk talk talk sex whine talk cry sex cry sex sex talk whine politics whine sex talk talk mope sex pine sex sex talk cry Except with Anita so t Just your average book named after a transvestite sado masochistic wereyena I swear that market is getting flooded My Internet is out until Monday and I m using my phone so I ll keep it short Anita is still annoying Richard is still a dick Jean Claude is still awesome and Nathaniel is still sweet TOTALLY SPOILERY BEWAREHamilton managed to work in at least two Triple Word Scores with use of terms that resonate well with genre fans ouroboros remember Scully s tattoo anyone and oubliette yay Jareth would be so pleased But the newest term created for the Blakeverse Panwere Because it was not enough to ave werewolves wereleopards wererats wereswans weresnakes weretigers werehyenas weredogs and werebears Nay we also ave to Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies have someone who can shapeshift into multiple animals Oh and alsoe must ave split personality disorder Just roll with it it s faster that wayWhen the books began Anita was 24 and she was an animator meaning she could raise zombies Then she became a uman servant to a vampire But then she killed Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, him which nearly killeder and was freed Somewhere along the way she went from being just an animator to a necromancer like an uber animator she can now also raise vampires Then she became a Scruples Two human servant again And since she was dating the werewolf king called an Ulfric she was deemedis lupa like a werewolf ueen I guess And then she killed the What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, head wereleopard in town and became the wereleopard s Nimir Ra ueenSo when this book began Anita was 26 and a necromanceruman servant to the Master of the City and the werewolf king s lupa and the wereleopards ueen See ow I said to just roll with it During the course of the book Anita is accidentally impaled on the claws of one of er wereleopards so it seems she might become their Nimir Ra for like real yo She exhibits all sorts of new powers that confirm this suspicion But come the next full moon she doesn t shapeshift and it turns out that much as Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command her vampire sweetieas an animal to call being wolves she through the marks of being is uman servant Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, has gained an animal to call ofer very own the leopard How convenient Oh and she Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria has also become a Master Necromancer in that she nowas a vampire servant And did I mention she is now also a succubus Yeah that one would take too long to explain so just keep rollingNew folk that want to sleep with er the new Nimir Raj leopard king in town And that panwere I mentioned earlier Of cours. Powers and their ungers But merging their powers together will give this mortal woman a taste of immortal unger that she'll never be able to forg.

Me Again this sounds IMMENSELY painful And somewhat impossibleAnd I spasmed underneath im bodies slamming against the bed not from Richard s thrusts but from the power of the orgasm itself Screams spilled from my throat Things I ve learned about sex from Anita Blake 1 Spasming during sex is normal 2 Orgasms are strong enough to slam bodies into bed 3 screams are now a white translucent liuid Lovers I made it a uestion Good thing you let us know that was a uestion I would NEVER Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, have been able to tell otherwise I mean aren t uestions marks meant to be thrown in at random BTW that last part was a uestionThe room was black utterly black like being flung into blindness nothingness like a cave Adjectives were buy one get one free the day that LKH wrote this sentenceIf itadn t been for all these unintentionally ilarious uotes I would ave been bored stiff This book isn t interesting doesn t really push Anita into The Camping Cookbook having to face the problems of the previous books and isn t sexy If Iad been an It s really sad the direction this series Absalom, Absalom! has gone The first few books we SO GOOD Scary and tense with a little sexual tension but mostly just scary and tense Then she introduced Richard and things started to go downhill I don t mind a little romance in my blood gore but this is ridiculous If I wanted to read supernatural porn I d read the Merry Gentry s series Wait I already did So why would I want to read this crapIt s no longer about the baddies that come out at night It s all abouter threesome with Richard and Jean Claude or lack thereof and all the magic that comes with it It s SO BORING They go on and on and round and round the same crap they ve been circling around for the last 4 booksAnd everything takes FOREVER She knows that someone is in danger and she must save them but before they get to where they need to be they discuss things that ave no bearing on the problem at and and then generally someone Black Stone has to try toave sex with Anita And this time Hamilton recognizes On Liberty her long windedness but still doesn t seem to do anything about it Apparently she thinks it s good storytelling IT S NOT It s PAINFULAnd come on I know I m a bit behind on this seriesaving started it late but this book was written in the 2000 s Why is everyone dressing like they re going to a bad gay bar in the 80 s The descriptions of the clothes sound like No Way Down horrible 80 s rejects Silver mesh shirts pants On men Men withair down to their waists with vinyl shirts and pants Ew There was nothing feminine about Richard Well except is air and English Humour for Beginners his pathetic attitudeAnd she repeatserself constantly Twice in one chapter she writes that very powerful shapeshifts can partially shift She s ALWAYS I don t think there s been a book without this says something about seeing something Absolutely on Music horrific and my mind simply refused to understand And then she ll go on to explainow the mind isn t meant to see such things and tries to protect you from understanding what you re seeing I KNOW YOU VE ALREADY SAID THIS It s so annoyingI don t think I can read any of this series I can t stand Anita and The Ransom of Mercy Carter her wishy washy morals ander sociopathic attitude She s tired and done and really just a projection of Hamilton wanting to play out Gone for Good her sexual fantasies It s not about monsters and scary things any Boo This is probably my favorite book in the series I loved loved loved this one I know many people think that after Obsidien Butterfly things went downill and there was nothing but sex sex sex all the time but if you look at the emotions involved and Anita s blossoming power in this book it is than any book yet plus there is nothing wrong with liking a little bit of sex or alot with your reading So Since I do like those things I name this book my absolute favorite and I m sure there are many people out there who would agree with me I mean Narcisus what a wacko yet kinda cool then there is Chymera who is mentioned many many times after this book and plays an extemely important part in Anita s future this is definetly not one to miss This for me is where the series went to crap Before this I d rate no book in this series lower than a four but this one falls off a cliff I Lallieva (Alice Allevi, held on and read to book 18 Flirt because Iad genuinely loved the series until this book and back then once I invested in a series I kept with it and with the books published up to The Harleuin momentum kept me going at least until I ad to wait for the next book to be published But Hamilton did something ere that made me want to British Society Since 1945 hurl the book against the wall I thought she didn t just do that But she did and it wasn t an aberration or anything that was ever fixed and so completely changed the direction of the books from fun paranormal noir to soft porn To explain what went wrong andow I felt first I ave to explain what originally appealed to me then what Hamilton did ere and thus get into spoilers So if avoiding them is important to you you might not want to read beyond the next paragraphWhen I grew up there was no Buffy the Vampire Slayer who appeared not long before the Anita Blake novels appeared Although Anita as a necromancer Reiki And The Seven Chakras had appeared even before that in a short story There weren t many kick ass actioneroines around so growing up I really appreciated them I loved Anita s voice at first She was a tough as nails take no crap woman in a male dominated milieu and I found it easy to root for Turning the Tide of Battle her Shead I Curse the River of Time her vulnerabilities andangups but I thought Hamilton was pushing Once I Was a Princess her in an interesting direction I liked the dynamic between Anita Jean Claude and Richard Jean Claude the vampire started out fairly menacing and the whole plotline with the different marks with Anita struggling to remainuman resonated with me Richard the werewolf represented something different someone struggling Court the Night (Blood Bonds, himself to remainuman but perhaps in vain given Greed, Seeds and Slavery his basic nature And you could see Anita struggling not just between the two men but what they represented Learning that not all such metaphysical creatures should be seen as monsters but struggling with the darkness withinerself and where to draw the line And I liked that Anita Demons, Deliverance, Discernment had a web of relationships beyond men she was romantically involved with such as Dolpher colleague on the police force and Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide her friend Ronnie SimsSpoilers Start Here for this and future booksAll that changed with this book In this book Anita becomes a succubus because of the ardeur that forceser to Well Meet Again have sex to feed it and forces men toave sex with er who are drawn by it So the fuel that drives the plots of the Anita Blake series from ere on a series that If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham had been focused on a independent tough take chargeeroine is rape I Firebird hated that And this book also adds one of my least liked regular characters in the Anitaverse Micah as well as marks the increase in importance of Nathaniel a character I loathe After this book Richard and Jean Claude become and marginalized until in some books all we get are brief telephone conversation with them And the sex takes over until there s little plot or scenes beyond the bedroom and Anitaas an entire A Night on the Tiles harem of men never developed beyond eye andair color That The House That Jesus Built hadn t changed up to book 18 The beginning of the end I was fascinated with the wholeum. Never before But when a kidnapper targets innocents she Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist has sworn to protect Anita turns to them forelp which will reuire arnessing both their.

Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A #1 New York Times bestselling author Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis