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K was GOOD 45 Stars Great job So at first i thought this was a bit slow but when i went back it was me This books gives a review of the happens of the first book then it gets extra gangsta Gangsta Twist 2 is OFF THE CHAIN Hands down the best urban lit book I ve read this year All in saying is this one is definitely a bestseller WOW 5 stars Gritty urban drama at its best Great read Mr Johnson You did it again Awesome book Part 2 was just as good as Part 1 I never saw Keno s death coming Would have never guessed it was Sacha or that she would even have it in her to ill Keno She FRITZI auf Sylt - ÖLMALEREI - Kunst in Fotobrillant-Druck kept that real close to the vest The Won s whole mission was unraveled in this book I think there needs to be a Part 3 since now everyone s going to Cali I started this book yesterday and could not put it down It surpassed my expectations I also like that I did not become bored with the characters Sometimes when authors right a second book they did so much in the first that the characters lose their flavor in the books that follow Glad this one didn t do that Another great book I have to add Clifford Johnson to my favorite writers list I absolutely loved both parts of this series I can t wait for part 3 When is that coming out This book was extremely interesting As I was reading this book it felt like I was watching a movie I love how you to lead up all that suspense and revealed it at the end I am now dying to read gangsta twist 3 and would love tonow when its coming out so I can buy it. L have some serious choices to make Now Taz's leadership is being uestioned by his once loyal crew Does he have what it takes to stay on top or is all this heat enough to make him want to leave the streets aloneClifford Spud Johnson delivers an action packed tale of betrayal murder and revenge that will eep readers on the edge of their seats.

OOOwee just what i was waiting for when i read part 1Alot of uestions got answered and it ept me on my toes I love my boy Taz But all i can say about Sasha is girl you playing with fire Stayed up way too late last night finishing this one and I am not upset about itThe seuel definitely surpassed the first one to me and it was definitely sadder I couldnt believe they eliminated so many people in this one I liked that it The Man from Beijing kept me on my toesOkay aside from the in your face obvious urban character portrayals of the sexiest women to walk the planet with ass for days sex scenes that make you uestion what it is you do in the bedroom with the energy these couples have LOL and handsome rich and intelligent bad boys no where around when I was out and singleAnyways Taz and the crew are back working for Won wondering when the end will be in sight and they find out that Won does have one last job to do before the game is overSacha remains by Taz s side and they become a strong couple built to last with a relationship you can actually seeCliff the revengeful lawyer from the first novel is still with Taz s daughter despite everyone s wishes and after getting fired realizes he mustill Taz to ever be happy he takes the gang way and gets down with the Hoover Crips of all people and then the violence startsOne of the coolest chicks in the novel Tari stepped up and held it down as Taz s true friend and Gwen and Bob get to be together so all is wellOverall the novel moved fast was int. The Network and its affiliates used to be one of Oklahoma City's most organized crews No one new exactly where they got the money to buy up businesses and real estate but everyone on the streets respected them Their criminal enterprise is unraveling uickly though as member loyalty is challenged and betrayal becomes the name of the gameTaz is.

Eresting and intriguing I liked the foresight of Won and how basically he played every move so methodically even his death was orchestrated brilliantlythis was a blast to read the only ualm I have is why there was not detail given to Sacha and Keno s past to make the twist there all the satisfyingnot complaining just sayingI did not want the novel to end honestly as you just have to now how those country boys get it poppin in the West CoastOn another side note I was alittle thrown by a reference to Sacha s last name as Carbajal in Book one and Epps in Book Twooh and I wish I new who the author intended each of the cover s model pictures to represent in the novel Loved it It was a great read PART 3 is COMING PEOPLE LOVED IT This book was really good and SUPER entertaining I love Clifford Johnson s writing style and the story flowed like a DAMN good movie I was thrown a bit by the situation with Keno though Maybe the situation I am speaking was in the first book but its been so long since I read that until I couldn t rememberlol I need to have that uestion answered for me so if anyone is familiar Sacha s twin brothers please send me a private message explaining I don t remember that so I was shocked when the situation with Keno was revealed Great book although I still don t like the girls referring to each other CONSTANTLY and B s and H s I now some women do it but not every single time they talk to one another especially two PROFESSIONAL women Nevertheless the boo. Dealing with almost than he can handle now that his crew is falling apart Cliff is still consumed by a desire for revenge against Taz and the two of them are locked in an epic battle for Tazneema's heart Meanwhile a vital member of Taz's team ends up dead This calls for a gruesome retaliation but when Taz discovers the iller's identity he'l.

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Free Pdf Gangsta Twist 2 Á Clifford Spud Johnson –

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