[Actors Guide to Performing Shakespeare: For Film, Television and Theatre] ¸ Libérer Par Madd Harold – dedelicate.com

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St acting books I ve come across Excellent I am a very special boy who needs extra help sometimes Long time ago Mister Harold was my teacher for some classes at my special school He was a really good teacher Now I have his brand new book and he is still a really good teacher I can carry my teacher in my back pack all the time Thank you Mister Teacher Harold for your book Now I am a very special boy and a very special actor too I ike this book alot eh I thank you and my family thanks you The book was in excellent shape Did not appear used at all And was shipped in a timely manner As for the content it is an easily readable and even entertaining ook at how to understand Shakespeare which is just what I wante. And easy to master techniues used by great actors throughout the age.

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Actors Guide to Performing Shakespeare: For Film, Television and Theatre ¸ Libérer Par Madd Harold – dedelicate.com

As a professional actor this book is by far the best thing I ve ever read on playing Shakespeare It s clear concise and has oads of practical advice The book is full of tips on playing Shakespeare which in my experience are uniue and very valuable unlike other books this method really works It s a uick read funny and inspiring and is sure to give the actor experienced or not a better understanding of how to really dig in to Shakespeare s text and make it come to Command Performance life Really a five star book As an actor and director I have found Madd Harold s book indispensable for the past two years Iove the muscularity of the discipline he calls for it frees the artist in me and I ve seen it happen when others in my comp. Madd Harold strips Shakespeare of his mystiue and gives the professi.

Any have employed Harold s techniues Bravo Contains a Loveknot (Welcome to Tyler, lot of practical down to earth advice about playing Shakespeare Acting Shakespeare is freuently feared This book shows how to act Shakespeare well and how to avoid many of the common pitfalls Very practical sensible advice from someone who obviously knows what he is talking about no academic discussions here just practical advice on how to actually PLAY Shakespeare as he should be played Definitely recommended The Actor s Guide to Performing Shakespeare is fantastic Extremely clear practical andots of tips that actually work The author writes in a simple informal yet intelligent way The best book I ve read on acting Shakespeare and one of the overall be. Onal actor drama student and theatre director access to unambiguous.