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Traditional Weavers of Guatemala: Their Stories, Their Lives Kindle EditionLearning to Weave PaperbackLearning to Warp PaperbackGuatemalan Woven Wealth: Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition PaperbackBeginning Four Harness Weaving DVD-ROM

Covers this aspect really well All in all this is a ood book for an advanced beginner A person who has never weaved before may have a problem in understanding the process without reading the chapters a azillion times For the very beginning weaver this is probably not the best book Most illistrations aren t the best There are better books out there However for the classroom probably a fairly ood starting book if you have someone to instruct as you When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, go along This book has little for simple looms which is the way I am starting out I will probably try to resell this one and purchase another This is areat book for both beginners and those of us who don t weave all the time After being away from my loom for a while I always The Billionaires Runaway Bride get this book out to review My original copy had a spring binding which works best This newer one doesn t wish it did I wouldive it 4 stars because of binding but it is so clear with info so I decided to overlook that and Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover give 5 stars I bought this thinking it was really a beginnersuide as I had just bought a hand loom It s actually a book about four shaft weaving looms Nice book and I m sure it s useful for somebody but it s not at all clear from the description what it is I have returned my copy I am a total beginner and found this book very helpful I had ordered this book and then on a whim had one to the library and checked the same book out I had actually forgotten which book I had ordered As I was reading the book from the library I was thinking that this was one book that I wished I could keep for future reference I was pleasantly surprised when the paper back version arrived from the next day This book saved me a lot of time and money I had YouTube pages marked searched for books and websites to help me understand 4 harness weaving warping everything to develop a clear understanding of every part of weaving on my loom so that I could solve any opportunities for learning that might arise I was not able to find everything in one place until this bookShe takes you very clearly through the parts of the loom using a warping board warping front to back back to front different tie ups tabby twill overshot summer winter etc She does much of this in the form of lessonsThis book has built my kno. Es friendly straightforward advice and is accompanied by illustrations and photographs Budding weavers need only to approach this subject with a sense of adventure and willingness to learn such basics as step by step warping basic weaving techniues project plan.

I will need to row into this bookI only have table looom and skills with single heddle But this book seams easy to read and understand Nice explanation of complex topics and Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, great series of references to pattern for floor looms I can t wait to beood enough with my hobby to really use this book I purchased this book for about seven years at the recommendation of a Arabian Nights good friend Well I finally took the plunge andot my loom I was able to warp dress my loom and weave my first project with her excellent instruction She Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place goes through all the terms really a new language the parts of the loom another new language clearly and precisely Easy reading along with assignments I bought this book when Iot my 8 shaft loom as a complete novice It was fantastic and ave very clear instructions with alternative ways of doing things I particularly liked the way she anticipated problems so you could avoid making them She also ives boxes at the side so that once you have done things a few times if you need a reminder you don t have to read the whole lot again but can just Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, go to the boxes as an aid memoire Once you have the basics sheoes on to describe complex methods My only slight criticism is that some of the black and white phots are not very clear but this didn t cause me any difficulties in understanding what I had to do A very easy to read methodical book ideal for beginner weavers Clear and in depth instructions with pictures on how to warp looms from back to front or vice versa Includes everything you need to know from starting out and buying euipment or making it to types of yarn and includes a few projects A staple book for those wanting to learn the weave This book is directed towards those who want to learn how to use a 4 harness table loom or a floor loom The author writes very clear instructions in a lesson format This can be difficult for some people to understand The book has a large amount of easy to understand illustrations as well as Always You good black and white photos I like the fact that the book covers many advanced skills like how to weave different types of twills lace using multiple wefts etc The drafting and pattern sections are reallyood Good weaving reuires that a weaver understand pattern reading and this book. Originally published in 1984 under the name Learning to Weave with Debbie Redding than 150000 copies have sold to weavers who have used this unparalleled study uide to learn from scratch or to hone their skills Written with a mentoring voice each lesson includ.

Wledge and my confidence This is a must have for anyone using a floor loom I purchased a paperback version of the Learning to Weave by Debbie Redding and Deborah Chandler This is an economical way to buy this classic reference The spine is a spiral so it is easy to keep the book opened to any page you wantThe book is extremely detailed from position of the hands when you dress the dress to numerous illustrations on various topics I am attaching a photo of the page addressing the topic of warping the yarn The amount of fine details and explanations is better than in any other book I read I had high expectations based on everything I heard about this book and it totally lived up to my expectationsThis book helped solve some beginner problems I had earlier It made it easier and faster to dress the loom And my weaving edges are looking better with floating selvedges a techniue I learned in this book The chapter on troubleshooting and various options to fix mistakes is very helpful This book also has a large section on various weaving patternsI currently thinking about upgrading my first loom to a bigger one I was pleased to find a chapter about buying the right loom for you It has several useful considerations that I will keep in mindI am sure I will be coming back to this book again and again I join the chorus saying that this book extremely helpful if you are just learning to weave It will curb your learning curveAli Julia Review I did some very basic loom weaving as a child over fifty years ago and have just succumbed to temptation and bought a small four shaft loom This book provides a really helpful uide to everything new weavers and the experienced need to know In addition to step by step Lucy Carmichael guides as to how to warp from back to front and from front to back there are suggested threading seuences to enable different sizes of yarn to be threaded through a reed and advice on euipment and yarn choiceFor the experienced there are sections on twills lace weaves honeycomb overshot double weave andetting to Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti grips with reading drafts and block patternsDeborah Chandler s book is a mine of very useful information presented in a very clear and concise way I shall be returning to it on a regular basis Great beginners weaving book. Ning reading and designing drafts the basics of all the most common weave structures and many handy hints Beginners will find thisuidebook an invaluable teacher while seasoned weavers will find food for thought in the chapters on weave structures and drafting.

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Kindle Lire Learning to Weave –

In 1984 under the name Debbie Redding Deborah wrote Learning to Weave a beginning weaving text that has been in print for than 30 years now In 1989 she went to Honduras with the Peace Corps then spent four years in Houston being inducted into Fair Trade Since 1999 she has been a resident of Guatemala a country with one of the richest textile traditions in the world She was the Guatemalan Director of Mayan Hands org for nine years a fair trade organization that has worked with hundreds of Mayan women weavers for than 25 years During that time she and Ray Senuk of the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles co authored Guatemalan Woven Wealth Preserving a Rich Textile Tradition a volunteer effort by a team of book people in support of Friendship Bridge a micro credit ngo that works in Guatemala Retiring from Mayan Hands opened up the time to work with Teresa Cordón researching and writing Traditional Weavers of Guatemala Their Stories Their Lives a wonderful and rewarding project Teresa Cordón born in Zacapa in the eastern part of Guatemala has worked with Mayan artisans for much of her adult life providing them with both work and educational opportunities Since 1990 her day job has been working with Kiche men who create traditional palm leaf hats that are eventually sold through SunBody Hats in Houston Teresa has always been an exceptional writer but this is her first foray into writing a book Its about time