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Understand bad packing from an inexperienced book shop or a work xperience shop hand but not from a multi million dollar company with years of xperienceSo zero marks out of 5 for careless packaging The books themselves are recommended I also have book 2 in this series The tunes in this book appear to be a bit asier than book 2 so maybe they are graded not sure I d need to take a look at book 3 But if you are into proper French style musette these books are really greatand An Italian Education excellent value given the huge number of pieces Also the chord notation is as you wouldxpect in book 1 C D Dm tc not the Do Ri Mi Fa Solof book 2 though I had to learn this and got This is a large collection of musette music grouped by type polkas mazurkas waltzes and so on There are many well known and less familiar tunes to njoy Just a couple of things to note the printing is occasionally less than top uality although always legible and there is no left hand notation just chord markings This is a tough book with maybe too much notation LOTS OF NOTES HERE Wide collection of Musette tunes different levels of Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, expertise but something forveryone I bought all six books but after several months I m still only on book one as it s so goodNicely laid out and nearly all don t need you to stop to turn the pages to find the rest of the tune This does however make it tricky sometimes for me at least to work out the repeats and codas Thats said the music is clear and the in a spring binding that makes the book Daddy Wanted easy to use and a workable sized Top mark. Ano Napolitanitta Paris Bastille Pistonnade Plaisance fox Polka chinoise Polka des as Polka militaire Polkinetta Princesse accordéon Printemps d'oiseaux uerelles d'oiseaux Radio valse Rapid' Reine de musette Retour des hirondelles Rêve d'accordéoniste Rêves d'oiseaux Rivalite Rose de Noël Roses d'automne San Sebastiano Scintillante Sevillan fiesta Souvenir de Bonifacio Souvenir de Montreuil Souvenir de Parme Style musette Symphonie d'oiseaux Trompette musette Tyrol Un caprice Valse à Deddy Valse à réaction Valse bleue Valse brune Valse de l'abbaye Valse militaire.

An Forbidden Stranger excellent collection of musette tunes This is the first music accordion book solely dedicated to French songs that I have purchased As a not very good accordionist I have tended to play those tunes with the least black on the pageI think there would be a good market for this and similar books if they were available in the UKDelivery was good considering that they were shipped from Kentucky Their progress was followed by the tracking offeredI have since bought Book 3 which I had to purchase from Paris I hesitated for some time because of all the unfavourable reviews All I can say is these people must have been unlucky because my music arrived perfectly printed and bound The music is great however as others have said you do have to be a competent player to get the full value from the music However as they say practice makes perfect This book will give many hours of pleasure to the competent and aspiring accordionist This book is a terrible uality fake it was not printed properly so all the pages are blurry and the lines are very faint and spotty I have the majority of the collection of the series and i am shocked at the poor uality of this knockoff i would have done a better job reprinting this at home Not worth a penny unless younjoy getting headachesAll the pages are thin low uality paper such a messOn the pic attached the left page is the book i purchased from the page on the right is one of my own original copies All volumes in this series are good value if you are keen on playing French Musette accordion If. Accordion Accordéon polka Accordéon samba Amis du musette Amour piémontais Aubade charmeuse Aubade d'oiseaux Auteuil Longchamp Baraldinette Barnum Circus Belle sevranaise Bigoudi Bohémienne Bouuet d'étincelles Bourrasue Brasier d'or Brise napolitaine Ca gaze Cascades C'est une tyrolienne accordéon Chantaline Chiuita Clavietta musette Cocorico polka Comet' valse Convoitise De Picpus au palais d'Angkor Dédé de Montmartre Défilé des accordéonistes Défilé d'oiseaux Douche écossaise El Caballero Le Cavalier El Galliego En coup de vent En vitesse Envolée d'oiseaux.

You are dedicated to french accordion then these are a mustMy copies of volumes 12 3 have french chord notation Do Re Mi Snowy River Man etc instead of C D E I know some people go through and pencil in the chord names of pieces they are learning I haven t done that and found it didn t take long to adjust to the different notation Volume 4 has A B C notation for chords If you re looking for detailed bass and chording you won t find it in these books you rexpected to work it out for yourselfMost of these pieces are at least intermediate level if not advanced However none of them are impossible to learn with nough practice and time invested Although most musette is played by accordionists with a C system CBA chromatic button accordion Piano accordion players of course can manage these pieces fine Many can be played on a smaller sized accordion and a mid sized 72 bass accordion will be fine for most but a few pieces reuire a full keyboard to playThe print uality is fair but not great Many pages have the appearance of reproduced ink jet printing but they re still uite legibleThey are all fairly sturdy wire spiral bound so they open asily and lay flat Which brings me to packaging Sending wire bound books in a thin padded Les brumes d'avalon : roman envelope is just bad All of my books arrived with crushed spirals One of my books had half the pages fallen out because of it two of them have had crushed and dogared pages because of the shoddy and cheap way of sending books All of my books look very second hand straight out of the packaging Not good nough I would. Escamillo Escapade Espoirs perdus Fantaisie polka Fétiche Flèche d'or Fleur de Paris Fuego de toros Galopade Germaine Gracieuse Idylle inconsciente Java du printemps Java pavane Joyeux canari Kermesse alsacienne La Fête des as La Godasse La Java bleue La Java des as La Java des piafs La Saint Hubert La Sautillante La Sportive Le Bengali amoureux Le Pas de la Mule Le Réveil de la forêt Le Réveil du suare Le Virtuose des bois Les Triolets L'Infidèle L'Interdite L'Oasis Marche aux étoiles Sternenmarsch Marivaudages Mascotte musette Mazurka des champions Mazurka itali.

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Livre pdf Succès Musette, Vol.1 Auteur Par COLLECTIF –

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