Livre Ebook Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming ✓ Par Paul Hawken –

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Livre Ebook Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming ✓ Par Paul Hawken –

Path forward If you need a feel good coffee table book then this is it If you re after real properly documented descriptions of realistic solutions addressing the climate catastrophe then this book is a waste of trees The book does not even begin to explain the calculations behind the emission reduction claims The proposed solutions are also in no specific order which is very odd You d think they would sort the solutions by possible impact but no I ove this book The authors painstakingly compiled research to identify and uantify the impacts of the top 100 solutions to not only stop climate change but to go beyond and reverse it Hugely optimistic and ambitious but grounded in reality They made a huge effort to err on the conservative side with their projections of the future The best bit Contained within this book is a blueprint to stop and reverse global warming in the next 30 years Using EXISTING technology Now we need the political will to make it happen Beggars would ride If emissions were priced warming would slideThis m Amrita Sher-Gil lange of sensible investments and absurd hopes is painfully disappointing Global warming is an urgent problem Drawdown substitutes optimism for solutionsDespite a veneer of speculative cost benefit analyses there is no systematic discussion of the economics of the various strategies proposed Obvious initiatives such as wind and solar energy and hybrid cars are mixed with dreamy nice to haves such as transit 2 trillion for bikeanes and telepresence a code word for using FaceTime instead of flyingWhen the evidence runs against implausible changes in human behavior giving up our cars the writers simply assume our better angels will prevail Nuclear power is summarily dismissed as a regrets solution And major engineering efforts such as Flashback My Life And Times In Bollywood And Beyond large scale carbon seuestration and hydrogen vehicles are missing entirely from the discussionUntil smart scientists and engineers face the challenges directly we will keep hurdling toward catastrophic global warming This book is not a step in the right direction The authors due not gloss over the potentialooming disaster that climate change representsThey do present a granular analysis of the muliple causes of climate change and potential solutions and mitigations It is informative empowering and ultimately hopeful I City Improbable learnedoads and was particularly struck by the many winwin solutions that can reduce emissions improve biodiversity improve the The Big Bookshelf lives of poor communities andor save money over all Potentially a book to inform the diference any one can make throughife style changes giving money and campaigning Also a very good book for young adults or students thinking about career and other ife choices. 0 years they represent a credible path forward not just to slow the Earth's warming but to reach drawdown that point in time when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peak and begin to decline These measures promise cascading benefits to human health security prosperity and well being giving us every reason to see this planetary crisis as an opportunity to create a just and ivable world.

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Entation of these 100 remedies According to the book even the most aggressive scenario they model only reduces CO2 by SOS Schlank ohne Sport - less than one gigaton out of about 40 gigatons we spew each year and that isn t until 2045 That means that we re still doomedI m also puzzled that the book is called The most comprehensive plan every proposed to reverse global warming It s not a plan It is a painstakingly researched compendium of currently used and and projected remedies As such it s an essential contribution to our collective knowledge about climate change action A plan however would have a set of goals objectives strategies indicators and Perhaps Paul or others are now working to transform this solid beginning into a real plan As aong time planner I d be happy to helpThere is also Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, little discussion about the single most important variable affecting whether we retain aivable planet and that is time or Making India Work lack of it Most all comprehensive analyses conclude that we re essentially out of time to avoid the most existentially dangerous conseuences of climate chaos It s wildly optimistic and unsupported by the evidence to suggest as Drawdown does that we can reverse climate change even if most of these remedies are not fully implemented until 2050Unless we almost fully decarbonize and drawdown in a decade or two we re doomed to 5 10 degrees F of warming by the end of the century Thatevel of warming will destabilize our politics our economy our food production our social cohesion and our infrastructure to such an extreme degree that the organized productive work necessary to implement these remedies will be next to impossible to sustainAnd even were we by some near miracle to stabilize at the 2 C target we Everwar (Cal Leandros, ll have a barely habitable planet despite the conventional climate wisdom There sittle that is scientific about the 2 C target It s a convenient political decision that puts the need for urgent action far into the future We can see the severe conseuences on our ice caps our coral reefs and our weather with only 1 C warming todayThere s also the moral hazard risk of the optimistic Drawdown message We already have too much climate complacency Yet reading Drawdown suggests that the market and human creativity is enough or almost enough to reverse climate change without mass mobilization and radical changes in how we invest regulate consume and organize our daily ivesI write this critiue with hesitancy given the enormous trust I have in Paul s good intentions and the admirable efforts of his 200 person working group But we need to do so much and much faster than what Drawdown describes So I hope Paul will integrate that perspective into his continuing efforts at showing us the best. Ibed here some are well known; some you may have never heard of They range from clean energy to educating girls in ower income countries to and use practices that pull carbon out of the air The solutions exist are economically viable and communities throughout the world are currently enacting them with skill and determination If deployed collectively on a global scale over the next

I have spent a couple of hours with this book read some sections in depth I was crazy ooking forward to reading it and it does contain what I think may be new ideas for many people I am thankful for thatThe book has two glaring deficits that make it a work that may ultimately harm our ability to move forwardThe first is a striking Sequins and Spurs lack of solutions that are ocean related The ocean is the great temperature and atmospheric regulator of our planet It reuires abundant animalife in order to do much of the job of creating oxygen and seuestering carbon for instance the trophic cascade driven by whale populations down to plankton numbers I am no expert but I cannot imagine that the top 100 solutions do not include numerous actions that should be taken on behalf of ocean health This is an area that has not received necessary attention and mustThis brings me to my second and most troubling point Most of these solutions are tech based and economically informed While they seem ambitious and somewhat impossible to attain what drives much of the carbon emissions of our species is our consumptive way of DK Adventures life This book assumes based on solutions presented that we just have to swap our current technologies with carbon reducing ones and we have some hope of solving things That is the greatie A book with this much hype about solutions did not address overconsumption of manufactured items for its own sake It does get wrapped into discussion of other topics such as carpooling and recycling but not explicitly Imagine the impact of halving the purchaes we make Or choosing to In The Name of God live without plastic and unnecessary packaging We have spent hundreds of years getting into the situation we are in this critical juncture reuires an unswervingook at the nature of our addiction to possessing and extracting which many of the posited solutions ignoreAlready ooking for v2 on this So much iterature on global warming is focused on the catastrophic and apocalyptic conseuences of our actions This book flips it to what we can do and gives hope for the future through some science based tangible realistic improvements which can help secure our future on this planet This book isn t for tree huggers it s for anyo The most informative book I have ever read I already have a copy this was for my daughter Everyone should read this book and join the movement Drawdown is Operation Lipstick long overdue As with all of Hawken s writings it s well conceived carefully researched and beautifully written Thank goodness for this effort YetIooked in vain for the evidence that the remedies discussed will materially change the trajectory of projected temperature increases How much below 2 C will we stabilize at with full implem. The 100 most substantive solutions to reverse global warming based on meticulous research by eading scientists and policymakers around the world In the face of widespread fear and apathy an international coalition of researchers professionals and scientists have come together to offer a set of realistic and bold solutions to climate change One hundred techniues and practices are descr.