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Lire Bound Par Magic: A Paranormal Romance (Magic Awakened Livre 1) ☆ Sadie Moss – dedelicate.com

Ciety ntil she meets Akio Fenris and Jae and reunites with Corin On her 25th Birthday it is revealed that she is actually one of the Gifted She is bonded with these four men and gets involved with the Resistance fighting for euality for all the classes There are lots of twists and turns and a simmering attraction between Lana and each of the men Can t wait to read the next book This one was a perfect t introduction and build The Best Man in Texas up An interesting take on the magical world Sadie Moss has written a tale of a segregated world those who are Gifted with power those who have been Touched by power and those who are Blighted without power Bound by Magic is a fantastic tale of a girl who by all knowledge is as magic less as can be finding that perhaps it isn t all black and white when it comes to those Gifted with power With the help of fournlikely male companions will Lana be able to help those wronged Only time will tellThe reason I loved this book so much is because we have a FMC Lana who is able to kick ass and take names and I love a good strong FMC We then have four companions whose personalities are so varied yet blend so well to make a great cohesive The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, unit We have Akio the brooding has to have the last say one Fenrise the excitable playful puppy Jae the strong willed smart and at times scary powerful one and Corin the troubled slightly damaged goods with a brok I don t know why it took me so long to read this book Ng inside me goes haywireTurns out I do have magic And it's so powerful it's bonded four insanely gorgeous men to meThey're part of annderground rebellion fighting back against the magical elite and they claim they need my help But if I agree to fight alongside them I may be risking than my life I could lose my heart too Bound by Magic is the first book in the Magic Awakened trilogy a

This book was a fantastic find I loved the hierarchy of the magic world the characters and storyline There s some great villains and some surprising hotties it s a definite recommended read to jump into It was well written and the Mc was on point loved it and cannot wait for the next one Mind blowing xxc I am yet to give less than a 5 review for Sadie Moss Every time I pick Beast Of Darkness (Knights of White up one of her booksseries I get sucked into a new world that I want to be a part of Her books get me hooked from the get go and this is definitely one of them You won t be disappointed if you read I couldn t stop reading for hours and when I wasnt reading I wanted nothing than to read This book kept mep late into the early morning hours on week days and it occupied every work break I had for 3 days I honestly cant wait to read the next book and I highly recommend The plot is great the characters are well developed and the details are not too exagerated but are also not missing either Just the right amount of everything that makes a book good I loved learning about Lana and her life her introduction to the guys and the heartbreaking heated and haunting twists their story took had me glued from beginning to end Characters that are all niue and complex had me falling for this rag tag group instantly and I can t wait to see what happens next Loved this book What a great start to this series Lana always thought she was the lowest class of so. One tough as nails mercenary Four hot as sin rebels Bound together by powerful magic and dangerous desireIn a world ruled by magic surviving without it means I have to be icker smarter and fiercer than the magical beings that run this cityI get by just fine working as a bounty hunter ntil what should be a routine take down of an incubus and his buddies turns into a disaster when somethi.

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Ut I m kicking myself for not finding or reading it sooner I am in LOVE with Lana and her four They each have their own individual personalities that blend so well with one another The storyline is intriguing and had me rushing to buy the others in the series I m looking forward to reading and seeing where the story will lead I love this series The world building the storyline the characters they all make this read a pretty fantastic one I was totally engrossed in the story and couldn t put it down I really enjoyed the spy slash rebellion slash mercenary feel of this book and the FMC is a kick butt and take names kind of gal The guys are the perfect book boyfriends and the snark between then is always great This is the first full novel of the series with a small preuel novella before It sets p a world where magic sers were plentiful ntil a plague kills off a majority Non magical beings become referred to as the blighted and forced into subservient roles as the rest of the magical world bands together for survival and blames the blighted Our heroine is a blighted who makes startling discoveries about herself as she works as a mercenary The discoveries lead her to be bound to 4 men and thus begins the tale An smooth slow burn read The world the author built is pretty cool and interesting She did a great job explaining it without going into to much detail I really liked her world building and the great cast of. Low burn reverse harem romance featuring a fierce heroine magical intrigue and four hot book boyfriends you won't have to choose between READ THE WHOLE SERIES Magic Awakened a reverse harem fantasy Bound by Magic Game of Lies Consort of Rebels Warning Magic Awakened is an adult paranormal romance series with explicit scenes and is meant for readers who enjoy steam and pulse pounding actio.

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